Do Not Forget the Forgotten Ones


As a Pakistani, I am aware of several hospitals that are in constant need of financial aid and medicines or just a flicker of hope from loved ones. The only cancer hospital for children (The Children’s Cancer Hospital) in Karachi, Pakistan, barely ever gets any visitors or volunteers who could bring back the lost smiles of those young warriors battling against this painful disease.

And when I see huge billboards advertising products and services in a manner that triggers gluttony and greed, I am left disgusted at the thought of it.

Our priorities are limited to the small bubble that we have decided to live in, even if the whole world should collapse outside. The cries of hunger and pain are now ineffective to our ears, deafened by our own rants of desires that never die.

On this Eid, do not forget the forgotten ones – the orphans who opened their eyes to war, unlike our children who are born in the comfort of our arms. Do not forget the mother who still waits through long nights and days, with a flicker of hope that dies with time, that her son would come back one day. Do not forget the father who just buried his six year old daughter when a war plane destroyed his house as he sat with his family for iftaar. All he can do is hold her Eid dress and imagine her frolicking around the heavens above.

These are Muslims, around us, within us; find them, and remember them in your prayers today.

Have a blessed Eid, o blessed Ummah! May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala be with you all!



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  1. No! how could we forget them,they are always in our hearts and minds,the time is very near when we will walk hands in hand in the streets of AZAD Jammu and Kashmir…insha Allah. NASRUM MINULAHI FATHUN QAREEM!

  2. I also think it is important to remember the victims of senseless sectarian violence…the victims of terrorist bombing in Pakistan…and the children who schools have been destroyed by extremists…they are all very real casualties of the war…the war within Islam…

  3. nahi sambhlo gaye to mit jao gaye aye eeman waloon
    tumhari dastan bhi na hogi dastanoon mein

    first of all the whole point of festivity is not what u hve written

    secondly whatever hard times the countries u have mentioned are going through are due to their own wrong doings … we muslims are reaping what we have sown

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