The Do Mores in US-Pak Relations


Love-hate relationship of Pakistan and America has shown its colors yet again, but this time, bitterness has exceeded limits.

Instead of blaming their war strategy, Americans have been blaming Pakistan, for their loss to Taliban.

Pakistan has not taken its decision merely as per America’s directions, it has just protected its boundaries from rogue elements, it has just avoided making “unnecessary enemies”.

It’s in the gene of a superpower to think that its allies would do as it orders, but the thing which is supreme for any country is its national interest.

America has done the same in Afghanistan, while the Americans were fighting “terrorism” in Afghanistan, cities of Pakistan were constantly attacked. Each and everyday Pakistanis were giving their lives in the fight against terrorism. Americans were not able to stop those terrorists from launching attacks in Pakistan, they could have been blamed for the same failure, for which, Pakistan has been blamed today.

Those terrorists were getting support from “sanctuaries” inside Afghanistan, US troops were taking out the enemies of USA, and were selfishly leaving behind the foes of Pakistan.

Still, Pakistan supported them in their war, we supported our allies beyond our limits.

America used our soil to launch attacks inside Afghanistan, we gave them supply routes to Afghanistan, we provided them our roads, our infrastructure, we fully supported their cause, but to an extent which didn’t hurt our national interest.

Our security forces extended them logistical support, they possessed our air bases, when they needed them the most, we did what we could do, Pakistan did more than necessary.

Mr. Trump was talking his lungs out on those 33 billion dollars.

I have some questions for the American policymakers, can these 33 billion dollars compensate the price of those 142 innocent children of APS Peshawar and thousands of their likes.

Can these billions bring back our soldiers, police officers, young cadets, and university students who lost their lives fighting the war against terrorism which was initiated by the US.

We have lost more than 70,000 humans in this war. What else the Americans want out of us. We have given our lives in this war, and a life is surely more expensive than money.

Most important nations in the world acknowledge the sacrifices given by Pakistan, then why not America? Can’t they see, don’t they possess a common sense which would tell them, that why would Pakistan provide safe havens to terrorists who kill their own people?

Why don’t their war strategists think that how can four to five thousand Haqqanis resist a superpower?

They conceive and know everything, but the problem lies somewhere else, it lies in their resolve against terrorism.

It has become clear now that the Americans don’t want to win this war, they neither want a peace process, they just want to prolong their presence in Afghanistan.

They just want to fulfill their regional motives, they don’t care how many people die in the Afghanistan or Pakistan, they just want their regional games to be played well, and for that, they need regional players.

They can see that the interests of Pakistan are enormously colliding with this, so they want a new regional ally.

All this fuss they have created is just to make their new darling “India” happy.

A war was imposed on us from across the border after 9/11, we fought an imported war, now we have cleared our home and we have done our part.

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  1. Pakistan and sanctions are in the immediate future.

    This beligerance and humiliating outbursts are the “tip of the iceberg”.

    Expect to be isolated, demonised;

    Unless Pakistan’s strategist can somehow negotiate from a position of strength.

    Iran is calling on forging an alliance with Pakistan to thwart US interference and will drop India if Pakistan genuinely provides a united front against US imperialism.

    Furthermore, reaching out to Russia is a must to change the status quo and most of all a united front from all Pakistan regiins and parties to faciltate the implementation of CPEC smoothly and no more bickering.

    Pakistan has always faced dangerous in each decade but has overcome at heavy cost but only through unity.

    Today’s dangers are far greater than before and we must become assertive and not any ones client state.

    The stakes are very high too, as the prize is very big as it puts Pakistan in the forefront of a new vibrant integrated Central Asia. The CPEC is our tip of thr ice berg for economic and political stability for centuries to come.

    The old Silk Route made The Mughal Empire rich, strong and influential. The CPEC will once again bring honour to the rightful heir of the great Indus Valley Civilisation and the heir to the Mughal Empire – Pakistan!.

    China is financing this project because we can not, China eill need to recoup her investment and this is logical but think of how it eill moderbise and develop our nations.

    High speed fibre optic lines and non reliance on a under sea fibre optic switch monopolised by India.

    State of the art roads linking the world’s largest economy to each important region and large city in Pakistan.

    Industrial, business park to provide services, infrastructure and manufacturing services – just think of employment rates and quality of life of Pakistanis increasing spending levels contributing to a vibrant economy.

    Ensuring technical jobs go to our Pakistani graduates who no longer need to go abroad for work.

    Think about tourism building a Dubai like coastline but also taking advantage of all the seasons experienced in Pakistan and opening up Pakistan’s natural exotic beautiful regions to the world the deserts, the lakes, the mountains, the forrests, the valleys the 1000s of years of history from The Indus, Bhuddist, Jain, Zorastrian and Islamic. Hotels, restaurants, leisure and entertainment facilities to support this.

    Modernise key important cities across Gilgit and Baltistan, Khyber, Pakthunkhwa, Azad Kashmir, Punjab, Sindh and most importantly develop Balochistan.

    Build better dams to collect rain water durimg monsoon seasons to supplement periods of drought for arable lands bit also to protect against life threatening flash floods.

    Chinese investment builds the backbone and lays the foundation Pakistan MUST supplement additional development through her own economy so stamp out ALL CORRUPTION.

    We can build our nation just like UAE through our natural resources.

    Coal fields
    Lithium, uranium
    Potassium and much more.

    We havr $3 Trillion worth of gold in KPK and Balochistan that can be used to develop and finance additional projects.

    The GDP of Germany and UK is 4 and 2 trillion and we have around $6 trillion dollars of gold reserves that we should tap into. Please to the corrupt politocians stop stealing from this natiin and build using our national reserves where you can capitalise is by investimg into housing, leisure, manufacturing amd Industrial projects instead of stealing our natural resources.

    Beyond this it is a fact that we should have our own natural oil and gas reserves too.

    Apologies that I have digressed but my purpose was to show the reason why the US and India are hell bent at destroying our nations future.

    It is important the civil government and institutes support and work with our armed services and no more treachery. The US will look for more Hussain Haqqanis and if not find them will create them to create disunity. They will create new Zaedaris and Sharifs to rob us but if we as the people of Pakistan unite and stop feudal politics and bring in honourable politicians then the future is bright.

    Furthermore if the US slaps sanctions on Pakistan which is likely it might be better for us to accept martial law during this period of transition change and transformation.

    Personally if we can not have a united front and we head towards further dangers and sanctions a Martial state will help rid corruption and stream line our services and ensure commitment to large scale projects remain on time and target.

    Either way the prize is great and who better to know than Pakistan that the price of freedom will also be high through our sacrifices.

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