Difficult Neighbors Meeting Once Again


Sincere effort by the Prime Ministers of both countries can bring peace and prosperity in the region but ignoring the core issues and “I am the boss” attitude can destabilize the whole region.

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Venomous anti-Pakistan and anti-Muslims speeches are considered to be the trademark of BJP (Bhartia Janata Party) but this time Mr. Modi remained vocal about making India more muscular in the region during his election campaign. He promised surgical strikes -secret operations in Pakistan during his election campaigns – and his anti-Pakistan statement reached its limits when Mr. Modi said that he will bring back Dawood Ibrahim if will come to power.

Interior Minister of Pakistan Nisar Chaudhry condemned the statement of Modi and said that “Before making such an irresponsible statement, Modi should have first confirmed the whereabouts of Dawood”. He added that “Modi had gone to such an extent in enmity towards Pakistan, particularly Muslims, that if elected as Prime Minister of India, he would destabilize the regional peace.”

With all these anti-Pakistan and anti-Muslims statements Indian voters voted for India’s Hindu nationalist Bhartia Janata Party. BJP won by sweeping a clear majority in general elections and nominated Narindar Modi as the Prime Minister of India.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif congratulated Narinder Modi on the impressive win of his party in the general elections of India over a phone call. Prime Minister also invited Narindra Modi to visit Pakistan during the same conversation.

After Modi’s anti-Pakistan statement in his election campaign his invitation to Nawaz Sharif and leaders of other SAARC countries to attend his swearing in ceremony as Prime Minister was a surprise. Modi’s gesture was unusual because it is the first time in Indian history that leaders from neighboring countries have been invited to the oath taking ceremony of a prime minister.

Modi’s gesture was appreciated by Pakistan and Pakistan expressed hope that Modi will seize this opportunity to rebuild ties between the two nuclear powers as the last government of BJP had also seen improvement in the relations between the two countries.

Although a same invitation made by Nawaz Sharif to Manmonhan singh was rejected by Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif accepted the invitation of Indian Prime Minster and he will participate in the swearing in ceremony of Narindar Modi on 26th May. This will be the first time of Nawaz Sharif to visit India as Prime Minister and he will be the first Prime Minister of Pakistan to attend oath taking ceremony of Indian Prime Minister.

Nawaz Sahrif will attend the oath taking ceremony on 26th May and will have a one to one meeting with Indian counterpart on 27th May.

Difficult Neighbors

India-Pakistan relations have always lived on the edge; several attempts to improve the relations between the two nuclear powers were initiated in past but halted after mishaps in either of the country and the blame game after each mishap. No progress was made in this respect in last ten years of congress in spite of several offers by Pakistani government. It is expected now that some visible development will improve the relation because the political parties of Prime Ministers at both sides are having a clear majority in their national assemblies which will make it easy for both sides to take hard decisions.

Expectations are high and challenges are difficult. Narindar Modi will try to change his image of hardliner in the world-perception to strengthen his government and Nawaz Sharif will try to show some progress on India-Pakistan relations to strengthen his government. Pakistan will expect progress on Kashmir and Indian involvement in Balochistan unrest whereas India will expect something concrete from Pakistan on the issues of terrorism and trade. Similarly both prime ministers will try to defend the interests of their country in Afghanistan after US withdrawal. At the same time hardliners in India are already on the roads protesting against the invitation and hardliners in Pakistan have criticized Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s acceptance of invitation.

Kashmir is the core issue between India and Pakistan since 1947. Sidelining the core issue and working on the other relatively smaller issues will not work because whenever the core issues will be highlighted the progress on any other issue will be halted as has happened in the past. This is a great opportunity for both prime ministers to resolve this issue according to the wishes of Kashmiri people and as mentioned in UN resolution.

With all these difficulties, both Prime Minister are committed to resolve these issues and improve relations between both countries but that will be only possible when the relations between India and Pakistan will be based on equality. Now is the time to seize every opportunity to improve the relations unlike past 65 years when every opportunity to halt the progress was utilized. A serious and sincere effort by the Prime Ministers of both countries can bring peace and prosperity in the region but ignoring the core issues and “I am the boss” attitude can destabilize the whole region.


Atiq is an IT professional, his area of interest are Socio-Politico issues of subcontinent and regional security issues with a special focus on Afghanistan, India and Pakistan. Can be reached at atiq@pkkh.tv and tweets at @atiqpkkh.

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    Atiq – you don’t really check facts do you? The last time a massive peace movement happened, was when the BJP was last in power, and Pakistan had Army rule.

    Now, regarding Dawood Ibrahim – perhaps it’s time we all accepted the truth. He was in Pakistan at least until 2009. In Clifton. Where he is now – no idea. But those who kept him safe since the mid 1990s should know.

    Shouldn’t they?

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      Then it was only BJP now its BJP with Mass Murderer Narinder Modi as its leader hope you understand the difference.

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    Dawood has four known residential addresses in Pakistan, two each in Karachi and Islamabad. In Islamabad, the UN-designated al-Qaeda associate stays in an ISI safehouse on Bhoubhan Hill, 20 km on the road to Muree.

    His other residence in the city is House no 29, Street no 22, P-6/2, Margalla Road.

    In Karachi, Dawood’s addresses are Moin Palace near Abdullah Shah Ghazi Dargah in Clifton and 6/A Khyaban Tanzeem Phase V Defence Housing Area.

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      There is no way we are going to cooperate with you unless you hand over all RAW terrorists and stop your activity in Pakistan. Should this not happen we will equally continue to make your lives a misery with one day being next the other.

      You having the address of Dawood is pure nonsense and silly speculation of your media. Punish those who killed Pakistanis on the Samjhauta Express and tell us who killed Hemant Karkare who was obviously about to expose something big.

      I personally believe that Nawaz should not have attended this joke of a gathering that will practically solve nothing. He will return back with the usual empty promises that will lead to nothing. Bharat should know by now that we are not afraid of them in the slightest, if you bomb us we will bomb you back!

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        Those arrested in the Samjhauta case were arrested after Indian investigation – and guess what, they are all in prison. So?

        Hemant Karkare. It is time for you to stop believing fairy tales. He was killed by Kasab. And yes, the missing flak jacket – seriously – read up.

        Finally – who wants to bomb you? Really? Is that all you think of?

        Let me educate you. You guys are NOT important. Most Indians can’t give a flying f–k about you. India’s dream of economic progress means that we can’t afford to fights wars. That is why we are trying to sort things out.

        But hey – it’s OK. Continue to have dreams of war. Watch as India progresses…. and keep simmering with hate.

        Regarding Dawood – you do know that his child is married to Miandad’s child. They got married and live in Pakistan. That’s where they met. So do you really believe that Dawood never lived there.

        Denial never helps anyone does it? And don’t cooperate. We’ve lived fine withtout your cooperation in the past and will live equally well. Where you could have received economic help – all you get now is ignorance.

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    Wishful thinking Atiq Sahib, like the Indian said “check the facts”.

    The facts I refer to is way different than perceived by Indian.

    Go familiarize yourself with both real and concocted history from day one.

    The Cabal is forcing the concocted history on mankind to implement its agenda likewise for greed and power.

    Kashmir is as important as Palestine. Both were taken by force by non-Muslims. Its not in the interest of power to be, to let the twain free. In both the cases, British were the perpetrators.

    The land of milk and honey that the holy scriptures mentions is Kashmir and not Palestine. Though Palestine is more Important than Kashmir, nevertheless Kashmir’s importance is not with milk and honey but similar to Palestine, since many of Prophets and Messengers fled from their rebellious people and took refuge in Kashmir.

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    Good if you have all the addresses and know his whereabouts then come and get him. IF Abdullah Shah Ghazi Dargah is his address according to your RAW then R.I.P RAW.

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    It’s high time for mid term elections:

    Attack the khwareej TTP wipe them out and seal the Afghan border until a friendlier Afghan government emerges.

    Closure of Geo much to noon leagues dissatisfaction has been a great triumph for Pakistan.

    Go after all the Jhang group – shut the entire Indian lobby down.

    Lay bare the sons and daughters of traitors of Pakistan and do not give them any protection, here I refer to The Mirs, the Jehanghirs and Sethis, shut down the 5th columnist indict them on treason charges.

    Reclaim Pakistan from the agents of our enemy.

    To Modi, scroooooo you we do not want trade with you we want what is ours, it is he who needs to control his terrorist wings / militias to stop harassing and killing Muslims in India.

    To Pakistanis I say “If you want to save your nation” continue to stand firm behind our great armed forces. You have seen corruption, deceit and treachery of the highest kind from the architects of “We want democracy” brigade. They have abused the system and even destroyed us from within under the pretext of Freedom of Speech more than often hook and crook siding with foreign states.

    It is high time we all join and demand mid term elections and this time do not misuse your vote on a worthless treacherous punjabi who has shown time after time he is no well wished of Pakistan and the downward spiraling state of Pakistani people.

    Reclaim Pakistan and recognise your true friends and forge new alliances if you have to that have similar strategic goals as Pakistan or common grievances.

    We want zero from India and seek to give zero to India other than what us rightfully ours.

    Kashmir forever shall be a part of us and to compromise Kashmir is to compromise the security and aspiration of a better Pakistan.

    High time Pakistan focuses on her strategic interests with true friends and ally and contain, box in India from ever posturing aggressively over innocent Kashmiris and Pakistan.

    To Modi and his followers we say you stay on your side and we on ours we are 2 people, destinies, geographies and have different strategic interest. We want nothing to do with India.

    Drop any effort with India outside of the underlying question of Kashmir like a lead balloon.

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    Sorry I have said this before and will say this a hundred times.

    Pakistan must disengage with this pariah country India whose dominant inhabitants seek a subservient Pakistan and total occupation of Kashmir.

    Focus on building a stronger alliance with China and Even Russia in Central Asia.

    Pakistan’s destiny is to help support a stable integrated Central Asia and connected to the wider Middle East.

    Indian interests in the Pacific can not be used to disadvantage Pakistan and as such we have very friendly relations with SE Asian states and need to build on a strong Central Asia that includes Iran creating a Greater Middle East connected to the Middle East linking this to the Pacific.

    Pakistan and India can but try and meet in the middle but we should stop playing these silly games and call a spade a spade and we Pakistanis for one will not shovel for India.

    The decade long war is over and geopolitical paradigms are shifting. We as a nation have always loved America and visa vi have had great relationships hampered by this last decade and sadly that rift continues to grow. We can work with America but not at the cost of China nor Iran regardless of what our closest brother nation Saudi thinks. We are as important to America as ever and they regardless of what we have been led to believe are important to us. Americans by and large are simple folk very approachable and polite but they to are victims of misinformation and this is where Pakistan needs to spend effort and money. Countering the misinformation against it spread maliciously to destroy its image, investments and morale.

    However, When it comes to India we need to stand firm, there can never be any cordial relationship until Kashmir is resolved simple as.

    Do not know tow to America but lay your misgivings down and if America helps to resolve these misgivings we give a little to India but until then stand firm.

    Personally as a nation we should already start looking how to boot the fat punjabi out along with Geo.

    What has democracy given Pakistan, destruction, corruption and misery. The fault is not of democracy but the misuse of it for another’s gain. Democracy is used to subjugate Pakistan to make it a client state and starve the people to submission.

    Personally we need Martial Law line up the traitors and watch them hang clean up Pakistan.

    I for one am happy with Pakistan under military rule until the neighborhood quiet downs, a secure and prosperous Pakistan is what we want not a bankrupt insecure Pakistan at the hands of Shareefs and Zardari.

    I could see Pakistan under a honest man like Imran Khan but he too needs growing up and need to work with the Pakistan Army for me our own institute surviving today.

    All in favour of Imran Khan but one who remains honest and humble not corrupted but also with vision and a plan which is inclusive of Pakistani Military. Dispel the mistrusts we have with corrupt governments, show us a government that seeks to work with the Army and genuinely makes Pakistan secure and prosperous.

    To India I say jaa dhub mar in your gandhee Ganges – we don’t give a damn about you.

    Shareef need to go, sooner than later.

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      You have antagonized Afghanistan specially tajiks and ujbeks. Tajikistan is India’s military ally and Indian Army with a squadron of Airforce fighter planes are stationed 24×7 in tajikistan. You have also antagonized Shia Iran. So you have no scope to have any military ally on your western borders. Please try Russians, they are permanent ally of India. What makes you think they will ditch India to ally with a failed country like pakistan? In fact chances are that China might ally with India and ditch pakistan. Looking for allies itself is a sign of lack of confidence and nervousness.

      As far as Ganges river is concerned Narendra Modi has made a cabinet minister just to clean it up. But you please think quickly about “doob mar” in Indus river as it is going to dry up very soon as India will divert its water by making numerous dams on indus and its tributaries and has also involved Afghanistan to block its arteries from their side.

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    Pakistani anti-Pak seculars, liberals ninkumpoops sang
    constant malhar on Shareef’s ” sacred yatra ” of india,
    but Indian thuggs assholes responded with a slap on those
    Pakistani ” analysts ” ullu ke pathay when Nawaé shareed ordered release of 155 indian prisoners, Indian released only 37, its always the same t=attitude, i think in rectum
    they have a huge anti-Pakistan cancer !
    special chittars for Najam Sethy
    with regards

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    By anagonizing India, you have only lost east pakistan and siachin in last 67 years. What you call the “core issue” will no longer be a core issue in the years to come. The core issue will be “WATER”. Both India and Afghanistan are going to make multiple dams on each and every river and soon Pakistan will look like an arab country….a desert… as most of you truly wish to be an arab than a south asian.

    Thats going to be tricky for you. You will either beg us for water or bomb our dams. But if you bomb the dams then you will be swept away to arabian sea by massive flood. So the only option you will have is to beg for water. So remember this when you say we want zero from India and we will give zero to india.

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    I feel sorry for the public of Pakistan who are always being mislead with hatred. I believe the fate of kashmir should be left to the people of kashmir, and not on religious basis. As per talks with india, Pakistan never worked on creating peaceful atmosphere. When Vajpai government extended their friendship to Pakisthan, they got a reply as kargil. When peace started prevailing, your terrorist organizations who are collaberated with your army and ISI went on with attacks like mumbai attacks or parliament attacks. But its not always india who suffered. Now your homegrown terrorism is reaching beyond your control, that it is being used in internal conflicts as well. Those who wanted to attack india with these insurgencies and religion based rebellions are becoming a treat to ordinary pakistani. These people go abroad for opportunities, but cover themselves as Indians because otherwise they will be seen as terrorists or extremists.

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