DI Khan Jail Break: Curfew Imposed as city under Attack


Central Jail Break,Radio Station and Hospital attacked: Coordinated Mid-Night assault; yet another national challenge or impending embarrassment .

At least 40 hardcore militants reportedly on the run, as the border city embraces a dark night.


Heavily armed militants have attacked Central Jail in Dera Ismail Khan and other parts of the city, in a well coordinated and deadly assault which started late Monday, when dozens of huge explosions rocked the central jail later paving way for ‘assault squads’ of militants in Police uniform. The event, as it unfolds is nostalgic to a similar incident in 2012 where hundreds of terrorists were freed by 150 men suicide squad that attacked Bannu prison, among them were some of the ‘most wanted’.

Initial reports are suggesting that more than few locations are attacked, in this developing assault. Radio Station Dera and Rehmania Hospitals have also been attacked by suicide bombers, and according to eye-witnesses, assault teams of terrorists are trying to make strong holds in the locations they have attacked.

The Pakistan Army was called in after militants carrying heavy weapons stormed Dera Ismail Khan’s Central Jail, housing as many as 5000 prisoners including 250 inmates belonging to various banned outfits here on late Monday night, Geo News reported.

Independent sources claimed that at least 40 prisoners were freed in the attack which appeared to be the largest jail break after Bannu mass jail breakout in which hundreds of militants including Adnan Rasheed, a key Taliban figure involved in a life attempt on former military ruler Gen (retd) Pervez Musharraf were freed. However, officials didn’t confirm the report.

Sources said that police and security forces rushed to the detention facility and cordoned off the area. The sources said that gun shots were also heard from inside the prison. Exact number of the militants was not known. They said that the militants targeted police vehicles with hand grenades .

DIG Prisons Khalid Abbas said that the Pakistan Army was called in after militant attack. He said that as many as 5000 prisoners including 250 belonging to banned outfits were held in the jail.

AFP adds: Militants attacked a prison in northwest Pakistan late Monday armed with mortars and are locked in a gunfight with police and security forces, officials said.

The attack is under way at Central Prison in Dera Ismail Khan city, close to the lawless tribal regions bordering Afghanistan.

Such attacks are clearly well planned and precise, leaving un-welcoming questions yet to be answered again by law enforcement agencies and the newly formed government. In a country where not a single militant is convicted during the last decade of terror, such incidents serve as a severe trauma to the whole nation and shatter the trust despite rendering tremendous sacrifices in cowardly terror strikes by these militants, who were caught by miracles and let off by incompetence. Meanwhile, a curfew has been imposed as Army and Police are taking on the terrorists on the run.

We will continue to update as the situation develops. News Desk PKKH

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  • Taliban spokesperson Shahidullah Shahid says around 100 fighters & 7 suicide bombers went to free some top leaders. He claims 300 prisoners escaped.
  • TTP claims cannot be independently confirmed at this stage, casualties and escapee numbers unlikely to be tallied for a few hours. City under lockdown.

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  1. This is all as planned. CORRUPT Police, COWARDS manning the Security Apparatus, All administration thieves, absolutely in Cahoots with Taliban and to please this KACHRA DABBA government headed by another empty brained DABBA, Nawaz Sharif; What garbage is this government; Nothing like this gutter trash in any country in the world.

  2. Pakistani Taliban miscreants nee dnot be put in prison but sent straight to the gallows opena nd shut case or executed under a firing squad.

    Brace yourself for more waves of attacks as TTP is emboldened and old allies return tot heir ranks and their paymasters will increase funding for more instability inside Pakistan.

    No doubt prison guards / police were paid off in this sorry episode.

    Sorry state for a sorry country, time is ticking for Pakistan.

    Always love Pakistan, its founder and its first generation but todays Pakistanis no longer have those goals and fed up with successive corrupt governments and resorted to disorder and chaos.

    People of Sindh, Baloch and Punjab need to be more God Fearing for one and need to focus on a united nation rather than every man for himself.

    Governments are to blame for not increasing employment, providing power and gas and corrupt police linked to bandits, dacoits and terror groups.

    What is beymaan shareef going to do to clean up Pakistan and start having a tougher policy on terrorists.

    Number one POLICY for Beymaan Shareef should be INTERNAL SECURITY, second policy should be INTERNAL POLICY and 3rd providing much needed power electricity and gas.

    Focus on the needs of the hour Beymaan Shareef and stop hood winking the nation into nonsense like warming relationships to a neighbour that is financing unrest in Pakistan.

    No need to run to America as they are co-ordinating unrest in Pakistan and crippling the nation.

    As Beymaan Shareef disagrees – Give more POWER to ISI and Army not limit and try to put under a corrupt civilian government which will be incompetent to deal with security issues.

  3. They already knew about the attack. Its not possible that ISI was unaware of this attack. They could have called army before the attack. Calling army after attack is a joke and is meaning less.
    This jail break is fully supported by Government and Security agencies are backing someone up. How come a world class intelligence ISI can be unaware of this attack???

  4. Why don’t they kill a terrorist when they get them on a battle field. (Put an end to this crap). Why feeding them and wasting our tax money on terrorist. Kill on sight and fire at will is the best policy for this country. But neither our Dramay baz Judiciary, nor govt took any steps to eliminate these terrorist. No terrorists hanged till date. What kind of country is this? The laws are only for poor people.

    Don’t know why Pak Army let these terrorists live? Get them Interrogate them, Kill them and Enjoy Roh Afzha…

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