Detailed ruling alleges opposition ‘nexus’ with foreign powers


ISLAMABAD: Only a day after Fawad Chaudhry as the law serve gave orders for development of a commission to explore the supposed unfamiliar trick behind the no-certainty goal against Prime Minister Imran Khan, Qasim Suri in his disputable decision proclaimed that “conditions show that there is a nexus between the no-certainty movement, unfamiliar intercession and the exercises of the state’s delegates deputed to Pakistan”.

Mr Suri, in his nitty gritty four-page administering gave by the National Assembly Secretariat on Sunday evening, pronounced a “unfamiliar state was meddling in the inside undertakings of Pakistan and Prime Minister Imran Khan was its essential objective”. He didn’t specify the unfamiliar state in spite of the way that PM Khan had previously named the US in a mistake during a location to the country.

He said he was unable to give insights regarding the unfamiliar aims and its connects to the no-certainty movement, yet they could be given in an in-camera meeting. Mr Suri likewise put together his decision with respect to the new gatherings of the National Security Committee, government bureau and Parliamentary Committee on National Security that were advised on the ‘danger’.

He expressed a PCNS meeting was set up for instructions on the issue on March 31, however the resistance decided to blacklist or overlook it. Nonetheless, as a speaker and caretaker of the House, he requested that the public authority functionaries give him current realities and data subject to the relevant regulations, the decision expressed.

Suri asserted “there existed a mission to expel and eliminate the justly chosen government headed by Imran Khan through various means, including the movement for no-certainty”. He said as the overseer of the House he proved unable “stay uninterested or go about as an indifferent onlooker not to mention be instrumental in this unlawful demonstration of progress of government and the head of the state organized by an unfamiliar state”. The no-certainty movement couldn’t be engaged in these conditions and must be dismissed, he made sense of.

Lawful clique contributes

Representative Attorney General Raja Khalid Mehmood Khan, who declared his abdication on Sunday, that’s what told a TV channel “something like this can be anticipated by a tyrant, however this has never occurred in Pakistan’s set of experiences under a fairly chosen pioneer”. He asserted was not counseled and as he would like to think nor was the principal legal officer.

He named the appointee speaker’s decision illegal. “I’m of the considered view that the body of evidence against Imran Khan falls under Article 6 (treachery).”

Attorney Faisal Chaudhry, a sibling of previous data serve Fawad Chaudhry, safeguarded the decision, saying specific decisions of the Supreme Court put Article 5 of the Constitution “over any remaining issues”, and that the summit court would need to investigate ‘Lettergate’.

Lawful wizard and PPP pioneer Aitzaz Ahsan was of the view that assuming the no-trust movement was contrary to the principles the speaker’s office ought to have dismissed it without welcoming it on the gathering’s plan. When the goal had been put on the plan, it became property of the House.

High Court Bar Association President Ahsan Bhoon told correspondents outside the summit court Mr Suri had no choice except for to put the goal to cast a ballot. The president, head of the state, regulation pastor and the agent speaker could be attempted under Article 6 for treachery, he accepted.

In the mean time, the Insaf Lawyers Forum, the legal counselors’ wing of the PTI, censured Mr Bhoon’s assertion, and asked the SCBA not to turn into a party in the political fight.

Senior legal advisor Akram Sheik lamented this was the principal government that had demolished the Constitution and law and order dishonestly. He made sense of Article 5 couldn’t be summoned at this stage since the get together meeting was called for counting of decisions on the no-trust movement.

PM’s visit in office

Later in the evening, the Cabinet Division gave a warning, announcing that Imran Khan stopped to hold the head of the state’s office with prompt impact.

“Subsequent upon disintegration of the National Assembly by the leader of Pakistan, as far as Article 58(1) read with Article 48(1) of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan… Mr Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi stops to hold the workplace of head of the state of Pakistan, with prompt impact,” the warning read.

Nonetheless, Dr Shahbaz Gill guaranteed the notice was a prerequisite even after which Mr Khan will keep on holding the workplace under Article 224(4) of the Constitution until the arrangement of a guardian PM.

Conversing with Dawn, AGP Khalid Jawed Khan likewise said the PM could hold the workplace for eight days under Article 224A(4) until a guardian set-up was declared.

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  1. This not a political statement about confidence with the government it is a motion for regime change orchestrated and funded by a foreign state.

    The US has made it clear tome and time again it does not want to see an independent foreign policy in Pakistan and one needs to look at Liaquat Ali Khan Shaheed and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and General Musharraf.

    In the past the US has used the army as its tool to dislodge pro-Pakistani governments by this I mean governments seeking a stable, progressive Pakistan with a strong economy and an independent Pakistan centric foreign policy.

    Nawaz Sharif changed everything because now the US had the ability to buy political parties within Pakistan to do its bidding and Asif Ali Zardari destroyed the idea of a strong independent opposition. His marriage to Be Nazir was the downfall of PPP as he would work in the shadows. By the 90s most Pakistani parties were in the pockets of forrogn states working agaunst the betterment of Pakistan and the ordinary Pakistan.

    So what really is this no confidence motion well it is simply a carefullt orchestrated foreign funded conspiracy against the ordinary people of Pakistan.

    PTI coalition partners and PTI MNA’s have been bought as little as 20 crore to help remove a popular government through a no confidence motion. The financing does not stop with the MNA’s but certain media houses and the usual 5th coloumnist and supposed academics of Pakistan too are towing a carefully scripted misonformation war not against Imran Khan but the interest of the ordinary Pakistani. Let us hope the tentacles of this corruption has not infiltrated the judiciary and there will be no surprise if it has already infected the judiciary in particular the Supreme Court.

    Pakistanis remember the faces of these traitors for years to come and in an ideal situation MUST be arrested and sentenced under sedition charges or ideally under treason.

    This is not about Imran Khan but the trajectory of Pakistan away from a Foreign Policy dictate out of Washington. This is about creating an independent Pakistan free from US hegemonic designs thag will favour the Indian narrative in the region.

    Their goal is to:

    1. Place a corrupt government in Islamabad the likes of what we saw during the War on Terror when Blackwater HiLux and vehicles roamed the capital as a law onto themselves. They want Pakistan to return to becoming a client state of the USA and have said it themselves that Pakisgabis would sell their own mothera for money.

    2. Complete economic collapse and for the nation to run using foreign funds and loans.

    3. Continue until their is economic turmoil and Pakistan sells all its equitt stakes and resources includes the gold, oik and gas resources untapped, assets and most importantly Nuclear Assets.

    4. Total law and disorder as was seen during the W.o.T where 80,000 Pakistanis lost their lives. Increase of militancy and terrorist operations by funding rogue outfits under the disguise of sepratist movements

    5. Pakistan on the brink of civil war will mean complete control of governance to the UN and separation of key strategic regions namely

    1. Balochistan
    2. Sindh
    3. Azad Kashmir
    4. Gilgit and Baltistan
    5. Khyber and Pakthunkwa

    The only quasi governance will be in Punjab.

    6. International consensus to remove Pakistan’s Nuclear assets and defang Pakistan and create a buffer state for Western Powers against Chinese and Russian economic interest.

    7. Loss of territory to India and total collapse of Pakistan and the peoples complete mistrust of the Pakistan Army. Pakistan Army and Air Force will be incapacitated.

    This is NOT a new agenda and we have seen this implemented first in Syria and then in Libya.

    So let us pray the Judiciary is not infected and sold out and a move to early election puts the decision on the Country’s future back into the hands of the Pakistani people.

    Pakistani people must stand up and vote for PTI to save Pakistan. We also hope the Pakistani intelligence and Army heavily influenced by the US can work for the betterment of Pakistan and step in should things begin to slip to helo restore stability and make those corrupt government officials accountable.

    Most of all;

    Pakistan Ka Khudah Hafiz

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