Destructive Topics in Pakistani Dramas


Reviewing the current trend of unhealthy topics and inviting production of healthy dramas with substantial morals

In my school days, there was a scenario in a drama named ‘Ye Zindagi’ featuring Nauman Aijaz and Mah Noor Baloch. The couple broke up after a brisk love marriage. However, after realising his mistake, the husband suggested “Halalah” to his ex-wife in an attempt to reconcile. This term was foreign to me and so I straight away inquired about its meaning. My startled father politely dismissed my question by giving me a vague answer. Remember, that time was almost the end of the golden era of Pakistani dramas. Indian dramas soon occupied our market for quite a significant amount of time, from early 2000’s up until a few years back when Pakistani dramas not only  fought their way back but also influenced the Indian market through some of their most powerful dramas. It was indeed a proud moment for seasoned viewers of Pakistani dramas.

Recently, it has been noticed that our dramas are yet again falling behind as far as stories are concerned. as most of them circulate around the marriage issues relating to men and women. These are filmed in sophisticated locations/homes but the inmates display ultimate immoral attitude and filthy family politics. I have noticed that the  husband–wife relationship in many current dramas is shown as complicated, usually ending up in divorce. The scenes of fighting and casually throwing of the word Talaq is often shown as if it is a norm in our society.

I specifically recall that during my childhood days, divorce was never too often discussed within sections of society but with the passage of time and the influence of abundantly produced dramas; divorce has become a very common topic. Remember this is the most unlikeable Halal act to Allah. We can see the impact of showing/discussing this topic in the unstable lives of many media celebrities, as well as the ever increasing divorce rate of within society. Young innocent minds are being polluted and the youth is accepting divorce as a norm unaware of its dire consequences. Their level of tolerance for others is in decrease and they seem to only care about themselves, unable to put their egos aside and compromise with their partners.

We have to be responsible in protecting this noble institution of marriage by influencing positive topics to flourish this relationship. Instead of complicated Husband-Wife relationships, why can’t we cover strong bond and examples of how they supported each other during times of financial crisis or in case of severe health problems? Every other day, we can see highlights of many brilliant stories of common Pakistanis on various social media platforms like “Humans of Pakistan”; we can make many dramas out of them. I cannot forget fantastic pictures/stories covered by Brandon Stenton of “Humans of New York” while he visited Pakistan back in 2015. Why not glorify our enthusiastic and most resilient people instead of showing cunning stories of disgrace and betrayal between them?

There are hundreds of genuine topics speared in the society including life cycle of overseas expatriate people and their families back home. Topics related to various ongoing army operations and their effects on related people.  Topics related to the success stories of un-known heroes may as well be covered as attribution; this would certainly inspire others. We can cover lives of our forgotten heroes (and living heroes) from all fields of live, such as education, science, arts, armed forces and sports. Dramas can be made covering issues related to special children and their status in the society. Media can cover conditions of people related to various organisations such as Pakistan railways, PIA, Sui-Gas and private media itself to make people realise efforts and issues related to them and better understand their lives. Above all, on the education and training side; topics covering the ideology of Pakistan, depicting the true goals Pakistan was created for must be shown as a national duty.

TV channels can invite and appreciate young authors for getting fresh out of the box stories. I am certain that different and genuine topics shall definitely grab more audience and shall certainly be equally or even more successful in monetary terms as well. We can certainly work our way towards improving society by taking such steps.


Muhammad Sultan Shah is a Civil Engineer working for a private firm in Qatar. His areas of interests are mainly Ideology of Pakistan, Pakistan and world society, Social behaviors, Literature & Education. Can be reached and tweets at @msltn.

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  1. The thing is that beside few people every Pakistani loves indian tamil movies. All they want to see is when the hero beats the sh*t out of every bad guy and people just love when hero punches someone and other guy start to fly. Pakistani people even try to follow the dressing of the hero. The thing is that Pakistanis were making good dramas but people love indian stuff and now they try to make dramas like indian dramas which are pathetic and thats why they are making these kind ofdramas.

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