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Sunday, June 02, 2013 – Budgam,Ihk—Peoples Democratic Front President Hakim yasin Saturday claimed that there is a powerful lobby in the Central Government which oppose every Kashmir related move of the Prime Minister and don’t let him to take major steps in resolving Kashmir issue.

Addressing people at Kachwari Village of Budgam, Hakim Yasin said that the apprehensions of Hurriyat Conference are correct to a great extent as the Hurriyat is well aware of the fact that Central Government never show seriousness when it comes to resolution of Kashmir.

“Hurriyat is witness about the incidents when the Government of India openly backed out from their promises and displayed non-serious attitude.

If the Government of India really sincere then it must go for meaningful talks and invite Hurriyat leaders on the table,” he said.

Hakim Yasin said that there is a powerful lobby in the Central Government, which is the biggest hurdle in the resolution of Kashmir issue.

“A powerful lobby opposes every move of the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and he is unable to deliver goods.

Government of India had already shown us how powerful democratic set up this country has when it threw Autonomy resolution in the dust bin that was passed by the Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly with a majority vote,” he said.

He appealed the Prime Minister of India to start a meaningful dialogue with Hurriyat Conference.


Source: Pak Observer



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