December 16: A Dark Date


16 Dec has been a dark date in the history of Pakistan. Twice on the same date, Pakistan has suffered catastrophic events.

On 16 Dec 1971 Pakistan lost its eastern part, which is now known as Bangladesh. It is still in debate, that who should be blamed for this disaster, throughout these 45 years, we have been blaming our selves, for the damage inflicted to our geographical boundaries.

Everybody talks about their biases, politicians blame the army for the fall of Dhaka, anti-Bhutto politicians and former army officers blame Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, some blame Gen. Ayub Khan, for setting the roots of hatred among western Pakistan and eastern Pakistan.

There were very few people who talked about “Mukti bahini” and Indian involvement in Dhaka. It is not deniable that, politicians and people of West-Pakistan played a part in creating a sense of inferiority among the people of East-Pakistan or Bengalis. These things are a noticeable element in a modern federation system, in a federation, provinces or states, struggle for their rights, while staying intact with the federation.

This was exactly the Bengalis were doing, till the strategies of “Chanakya” kicked off in Indian state affairs. India being a responsible conspiracist state, decided to jump into the internal matters of a Pakistan. They started to exploit the burning emotions of Bengalis, through hate literature against West Pakistan. They selected teachers from universities and brainwashed them about against army and the state. Those teachers came back to their universities and injected their hatred into the immature brains of students.

Students in Bangladesh started to see the problems of their country, with a perspective, which was injected in by an enemy state, by a state which herself was exploiting their land and resources 24 years ago. So-called “freedom movement” in Bangladesh was, planned and controlled from India.They raised a brigade of leaders, businessmen, teacher, government officers, politicians and journalists who hated the state and preached Indian perspective against the army and the state, in their mediums.

All these facts were known as allegations, till the extremist PM of India, Narendra Modi, confessed it on live tv, that they had helped Mukti Bahinis. Mukti Bahinis, controlled by India committed every nature of crimes, they killed the army men, massacred children and raped women who wanted to stay with Pakistan. This makes the government of Haseena Wajid, an extension of Mukti Bahinis, who hanged the last sympathizers of Pakistan in Bangladesh in 2016.

It’s a criminal charge sheet against the state of India, which claims herself to be a “peaceful democracy”. Our enemy has chosen 16 dec for their most brutal attacks on our nation and the state.

on 16 Dec 2014, they attacked our heart, they attacked our children, to give us a final blow. They perceived that we will give up to this blow, we won’t survive too long, we would finally succumb to this injury.

Psychologists say when you suffer a lot, you get used to it, the final hit wakes you up. When you hit the rock bottom, you hit the seventh sky, that is what happened to us, to Pakistan. It backfired on them, it took them by surprise, and that’s when the enemy falls, they didn’t expect a fight back, but they got it.

Zarb-e-Azb was havoc for them, their long invested proxies fell like a house of cards, their assets were crushed, and their puppets were halted. The operation which started in North Waziristan ended in Karachi successfully. This was the scope and seriousness of the operation, the state of Pakistan reacted like a cornered tiger, which it has always been.

When our enemy thought that we will finally go down, we made a new start, we made a new resolve and we waged the final war. Above this resolve, the most important thing was that we recognized our enemy, we realized where to look for the enemy, we realized where the gunshots were coming from, we exposed our enemy and caught her facilitators on our land.

We knew that Baniya is carrying weapons, with a smiling face, we started on focusing on the weapons, rather than the smile,”the hypocritic Chanakyan smile”.We realized, that “Terror Mata” loves to export terror to its neighbors, she wants to clean her land, that’s why she sends her bad people to neighbors. When she doesn’t get a chance to throw bombs directly, she clad them in flowers. she hides them in flowers.

India doesn’t want a stable neighbor, they’ll keep on carving doctrines, against the very existence of Pakistan. One thing our enemy must have realized by now, that they’ll keep on failing.

In two of the most disastrous events of the history of Pakistan, India is involved and has accepted shamelessly. It makes us clear, ways are different, the enemy is one.

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