Death toll from India bridge collapse rises to 132, search on for missing


AHMEDABAD: The death risk from a ground collapse in Gujarat, India rose to 132, a original government functionary told Reuters on Monday.

A footbridge over the Machhu River in the city of Morbi was packed with rubberneckers enjoying vacation fests when it collapsed on Sunday, plunging people into the swash below.

“The death risk in the ground collapse incident has gone up to 132. The hunt and deliverance operations are continuing,” said the elderly functionary, NK Muchhar, adding that the risk could rise further.

Fortified forces labor force along with public disaster operation and exigency brigades from near sections were stationed to trace missing people and help with deliverance operations, Muchhar said.

Authorities said Further than 400 people were on and around the colonizer- period suspense ground at the time of the collapse. The ground had drawn numerous rubberneckers celebrating the Diwali, or jubilee of lights, and Chhath Puja leaves.

A five- member platoon was appointed to conduct an disquisition into the disaster.

The 230- metre ground was erected during British rule in the 19th century. It had been closed for addition for six months and was restarted for the public lately.

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