Dacoits Attack ISI Building, Sukkar



Officials in Pakistan say seven people were killed overnight, including two members of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) service, when gunmen attacked  ISI building in the southern town of Sukkur.

A senior official in Sukkur’s police force, Masood Bangash, told RFE/RL that four terrorists carried out the attack; he said all four were killed.

Earlier, local police said up to 10 gunmen were involved.

The attack began after sundown on July 24 as people were breaking their daily Ramadan fast.

Fighting continued into the early hours of July 25.

Sindh Province Information Minister ShirjeelMamon said the gunmen attacked an army intelligence building close to the offices and homes of local judicial and government officials.

The militants briefly seized one building. They detonated four bombs during the attack.

Updates on the Sukkur incident provided to PKKH by local sources:

It is told to us by a local source, that Intel agencies were operating against the Dacoits of that area, but that the local Sukkur police was not coordinating with the Intel in these opts of Intel agencies to nub these dacoits. This resulted in some operations in which some dacoits and some sources of local police of Sukkur,both official and un-official, got killed by Intel agencies. In return, the Dacoits underground groups made this attack; this attack seems to be a coordinated attack between dacoits and local police of Sukkur to push back the Intel agencies. It is reported that, attackers were in Police uniforms. Further, it is a well-known fact that dacoits of this area are in touch with foreign agencies, who use them to transfer arms and amo, which is also one of the reason, why Intel agencies were in hot pursuit of these dacoits of Sukkur and its surroundings. It is also reported that dacoits were giving logistical support for transfer of arms &amointoBalochistan. Given the scenario, it is evident, that local police sources are the main culprits in this case.

Sukkar is one of the hot beds of criminal activities in Sindh, underground groups are at ease in playing havoc in the lives of local civilians; kidnaping for ransom, robbery, burglary, murder and KaroKari are routine matters. Therefore it is necessary to unveil these underground nefarious groups that have been operating fearlessly for decades, in the protecting of connections in the Police, which has made it imperative upon the Intel organizations to step in further, as these groups are being increasing active in extra-state criminal activities as well as in their domestic crimes.

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  1. Buck up ISI. Resolve of Mujahid like ISI will never die. Days of Dacoits are diminshing day day Insha-Allah. It seemed to be desperate attempt by foriegn croonies

  2. Another day, another bombing….and another attack on a military base in Pakistan and nothing is done about it…sadly, I expect to read a headline any day now that. PAKISTAN GOVERNMENT IS TAKEN OVER BY TERRORIST….and local politicians plan to hold an all party conference next month to talk about what to try to do….

    • Hey,

      don’t you remember PKKH proudly carrying an article that the ISI was Numero Uno Agency in the World. (World record in Pakistan types).

      I wonder how good they are if they get their a$$es handed to them on a plate INSIDE Pakistan.

      At least RAW was 10th on that list

      • let me know the next time RAW has to counter some of the top intelligence agencies in the world at the same time and do it on a budget as low as what the ISI gets.

    • HAHA they were saying that 4 yrs ago as well. your fearmongering is just that. it has no basis in reality. but then again nothing u say does…

      • Reality is a funny term my little deluded Paki. What is reality for most Pakistanis is fiction for the entire world.

        I remember how in 1999, Pakistan was trying so hard to convince the world that it was only mujahideen in Kargil, and no Paki Army, including the fact that bodies of Pakis were not accepted by Pakistan….. less than 15 years since that event, the truth has been admitted.

        And most hardline Paki commentators are slowly waking up to the fact that it isn’t India causing chaos in Pakistan. The chickens are coming home to roost.

        BUT – who cares. You guys keep on believing in sky fairies. And we’ll keep laughing. Good trade-off methinks

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