Cricket goes high-tech as ICC to introduce bat sensors


BIRMINGHAM: Adding more colours to cricket, the International Cricket Council is all set to introduce bat sensors which will enable to generate data of every stroke played by the batsman.

Reliable sources have confirmed that at least three players of each participating team in Champions Trophy will have a bat sensor chip fixed on top of their bat which will generate all the data of bay swing.

“The new bat sensor powered by the Intel Curie technology that can be mounted on any cricket bat to generate data for every stroke that the batsman plays,” said a statement by ICC.

“With this technology, parameters like back-lift, bat speed, and follow-through can be tracked for every cricket stroke. Several batsmen will use these bat sensors in the games at the 2017 Champions Trophy, enabling new insights on stroke play and rich story-telling in broadcast,” the statement added.

The BatSense has the potential to transform cricket across a varied audience from coaches to aspiring self-taught cricketers.

“Coaches can use their insights and expertise along with the bat sensor data to make specific adjustments to a batsman’s technique ultimately helping him perform better,” said Atul Srivastava, representative of BatSense creators.

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