CPEC will open way for peace, regional cooperation, says Iqbal


ISLAMABAD: The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will open a way for peace and regional cooperation, Pakistan’s interior minister said Wednesday, urging the United States and Europe to seize the opportunity by investing in it.

Speaking to Geo News, Pakistan’s Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal said the multibillion-dollar project is no conspiracy, it is rather a geo-economic project for communications. “The US and Europe also have the opportunity to invest in CPEC.”

He said cooperation between regional states can help work for durable peace.

“The project will bring peace, prosperity, employment and energy to the region. It offers a platform for south and central Asian states and China to play a positive role,” the minister said.

“We have paid a heavy price for wars in the region. We need energy and infrastructure.”

He said through the CPEC billions of dollars’ worth investment is coming to the region and the project can give stability to their economy.

Iqbal went on to say that internal instability in the country will have its external effects. “We can’t afford such crises.”

He lamented the foreign minister who, according to him, saved the country from bankruptcy is being portrayed as a criminal for the past six months.

“The world praised Ishaq Dar and today he has been entrapped in problems. When the prime minister was disqualified, our party meditated and went for a transition.”

The minister said a few people thought the government would collapse with Nawaz Sharif’s removal, but it stayed intact and completed transition within four days.

Iqbal said the incumbent government has continued the same policies, which they have been acting on since 2013.

“Our policy is to end energy crisis, root out terrorism and improve the economy of the state,” he maintained.





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