Covid health consequences correspond with personal decisions, warns Asad Umar


Minister for Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Asad Umar has once again urged the nation to follow precautionary measures for curbing the spread of the coronavirus, stating that “health consequences are strongly correlated with our decisions and personal choices”.

In a series of tweets on Monday, the minister said: “When the second wave accelerated, we closed high risk areas identified by our analysis in the last week of November.

“In the first week of December, hospital admissions peaked. In the second week, patients on oxygen/vents peaked. In the third week, mortality peaked and then declined. Decisions & results are highly correlated.”

He said that the data illustrated how Covid-19 health consequences correlated with personal choices and decisions. “Hence it’s important that we all take responsibility and take precautions. If we do the right things, we shall continue to safeguard lives and livelihoods.”

“The devastation unfolding in countries like the USA and UK these days, where there are more cases & Covid deaths than at any time in the first wave, shows the danger that could face us if we do not continue to do the right things, with both the state and citizens playing their role,” he added.

The minister’s warning comes a day after the country’s tally of cases passed the 500,000 mark. So far, Pakistan has reported 504,293 cases and 10,676 deaths; 458,371 people have recovered from the disease.


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