Cost of Haj for locals fixed


MAKKAH — The Ministry of Haj and Umrah has approved the prices for all categories of Haj packages for local pilgrims during the upcoming Haj season with the minimum cost put at SR3,000, Makkah daily reported on Sunday.

It said the allocation of tents and residential areas for local pilgrims in all categories will start Monday and will continue till Wednesday.

The ministry said the local Haj organizers may charge extra for any additional service they provide to the pilgrims and are not already included in their service list.

The ministry said it will allot each campaign a plot of 48 square meters free of charge for setting up their office, a medical clinic and the service area.

The price for the first category in the general program ranges from SR7,546 to SR8,146, while it is between SR7,895 and SR7,295 for the second category and SR6,493 and SR5,893 for the third category.

The price of the towers category (pilgrims who will be accommodated in buildings in Mina) will be SR11,890.

The prices of the low-cost Haj is between SR4,132 and SR3,282 while the cost of the Muyassar (Easy) Haj will be SR3,000.




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