Mehsud Killed: Confidence Building Drones? Too Little Too Late


Hakimullah Mashud

Only a day after Prime Minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif announcement on ‘Talks Inception’ with Tehreek-e-Taliban, an umbrella group waging war inside Pakistan; a deadly drone strike has killed the chief of the group: Hakimullah Mehsud.

The drone strike was reported at Dande, a Haqqani stronghold, five kilometers away from the town of Miramshah in North Waziristan.  Reportedly Mehsud had embarked there for peace negotiations with the tribal elders when four hell-fire missiles were fired at his vehicle and the compound where a meeting was underway between the TTP leaders. Some reports suggest that he was evacuating the compound after drones were heard, but it was already too late and he along with two guards and few commanders got bombed.

The latest attack comes as a lethal blow to the prospects of peace negotiations between the Taliban in Pakistan and the Government. Interior Minister Mr. Chaudhary Nisar Ali termed the recent strikes as a plan to sabotage talks with the deceased leader and largely the group itself, which caters to thirty loosely bonded groups.

In Washington, the State Department spokeswoman Ms. Jen Psaki declined to comment that Mehsud has been killed.

Mehsud 30, who became the leader of TTP in 2009, in a recent exclusive interview with BBC claimed to be ‘serious’ in talks with Pakistan and also vowed to continue his war against the US and its allies.

Sources within Tehreek-e-Taliban have confirmed his death and the funeral may take place tomorrow.

The most significant aspect is that who will be the successor of Mehsud?

What approach will be taken; either revenge or the continuation of peace talks?

On May 29 2013, TTP deputy, Wali ur Rehman Mehsud was also killed in a drone strike, and TTP launched a series of retaliatory attacks in the aftermaths. According to NY times, Latifullah Mehsud, the second in command of TTP was picked up by the US forces in Afghanistan while he was on his way for a meeting with senior Afghan intelligence figures, who were using the TTP as their proxy force against Pakistan.

Sources claims that Khan Syed, nom de guerre Khalid Mehsud is the new TTP chief.

Earlier in the day, Sunni Itehad council and Jamat ud Dawa held protests against the US drone strikes while the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Imran Khan lambasted drones as the biggest hurdle in peace talks.

Majority of the Pakistanis are perplexed about the illegal attack that took out the ‘Enemy Number 1’ of the country. The two major narratives that stems from this drone strikes are, firstly, the US will never let peace be given a chance in Pakistan; secondly, the US is disposing off its assets in the ‘larger interest’ of the Afghan End-game, where Pakistan holds an edge over it.

Additional Inputs by Talha Ibrahim

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  1. Only Pakis are confused because of years of propaganda. You all know that TTP was never going to negotiate. You also know that you cannot openly admit that drones strikes have been great for Pakistan ( read the parliamentary report )

    So, PKKH adds to the confusion yet again. Well done. Brainwashing galore

    • HAHAH parliamentary report? ure so brainwashed. yes if the gov says it, it HAS to be true right? haha

      the gov of pakistan is actively involved in helping the americans cover up their crimes

      now take your idiotic nonsense and get out of here. save face while u can…

  2. it seems that when they’re not murdering innocent men, women and children, they like bombing away potential peace talks as well.
    any one who thinks the americans did this as a “favour” to pakistanis is an idiot. the americans have warned the ttp to not go making deals behind their backs.

  3. Nonsense the puppet clips the strings of the puppet.

    Mehsud was and always was a proxy, a puppet however every man realising the end does grow a conscious. I am not sure if Mehsud did or not so purely hypothetical and his recent rants at targeting Americans was a concern for a large withdrawing force through Afghanistan and into Pakistan if not personnel certainly equipment. This vile terror group straddles between Afghanistan and Pakistan could have been a major issue for the withdrawing forces.

    His services were no longer required therefore he was eliminated and a major risk for the remaining contingent American soldiers inside Afghanistan. The thing about mercenaries is they do like to switch sides, they fought dishonourably without a real cause and could easily change their handlers to hurt the hand that once fed them or get hunted down like dogs to a unwanted confession.

    Or another hypothesis was a realisation to Washington that The Afghan RAM and despicable RAW were in fact playing a double game with the American long term interests in the region, following the recent capture of Latif Mehsud.

    Either he is dead and the peace talks were unacceptable and the remaining TTP me,bers need to be hunted and killed.

    For the deluded TTP fighters if you fought for a cause know this you were pawns in the Great game and have killed your own for another states gain. Throw away your arms and walk away and work towards peace between Pakistan and Afghanistan for a better tomorrow.

  4. So when hakimullah was fighting the Americans was he still an agent of the CIA?…your conspiracy theories are not worth the water to flush them down the toilet…the biggest mass murderer in Pakistan responsible for the death of thousands of innocent people has just been removed by the USA…you ought to be sending thank you wishes to the Americans…

    • of course he has been removed. and with him any slim chance of peace talks as well. great job!!! i mean u had literally years to go after him and yet u decided to take him out just when plans for peace talks were about to be finalized. i guess u terrorists didn’t like the fact that your stooge went behind your back did u?

  5. Afghan Taliban condemn killing of ‘strong and brave’ Hakimullah Mehsud

    “The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan was shocked at the news that Hakimullah Mehsud was ‘martyred’ in a cowardly US drone attack,” the Afghan Taliban said in a formal reaction to the incident.

    “The Emirate strongly condemns the American terrorist attack and consider the ‘martyrdom’ of Mulla Hakimullah Mehsud as a great loss and convey condolences to his family members, relatives and Taliban friends,” a statement issued by the Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid said.

    The Pashto language statement was emailed to The Express Tribune.

    The statement said the United States cannot achieve its goals through the “’martyrdom’ of the ‘Mujahideen’.”

    “The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan calls upon the government of Pakistan and the people to double their efforts to stop such brutal American strikes,” the Taliban spokesperson said.

    Haq is to stay and Batil is to die. Time exposes great lies ans propagandas. Wait another 2-3 years and things will be crystal clear for those who have eyes and can see, have ears and can hear, have hearts and can understand.

  6. Eddied,

    To draw the parallels did the CIA funded and created Nicaraguan Death Squad foot soldier know they were working for The CIA… The answer is no.

    Did Hakeemullah Attack Americans I would love you to categorically identify a blazer attack by his order, he only attacked Pakistani interests, strategic targets and was able to penetrate with great precision pointing to the fact he had very good intell.

    He also butchered innocent Pakistanis of every creed and background.

    Your narrow mindness is a disease of ignorance and until you open your eyes you will continue to shovle faeces that does not represent the geopolitical games bieng played and very far from the ground reality.

    Yes Pakistan too plays the game but unlike India or America is what we term a genuine player with genuine interests.

  7. Amr,

    Afghan Taliban’s response is as a political one if it is a real and credible verified response. Forgive me but one has to take things with a pinch of salt.

    How true is the statement with what was said to super coat the response as in deeply shocked, remains to be seen which way the end game goes.

    Afghan Taliban have not killed any Pakistani and nor were they giving orders to The terrorist Mehsud.

    • Time (Waqt) exposes all lies, deceit and propaganda.

      Haq passes the test of time while Batil dies a natural death.

      May Allah give you a long life and may all things be clear in a few years time.

    • The Afgan Taliban is paying the TTP…this was admitted in the last interview with their leader…the large amount of drug money the Afgan Taliban is getting from selling heroin is being shared with their fellow Pakistani terrorists…this will continue until someone stops these Taliban terrorist on both sides of the border???but your ignorant mullahs keep trying to convince people that it is a western conspiracy???what a bunch of lies and everyone in the world knows how foolish Pakistan is for supporting the mass murders who are killing civilians???everyone but Pakistanis knows this to be true…

      • Eddied,

        The Afghan Taliban with the seal of their Emir has on many occasions called on TTP to “DENOUNCE” attacks on Pakistan Army and Pakistani People and focus on the Afghanistan Invasion.

        TTP has neevr engaged foreign armies inside Afghanistan other than a couple of stray bullets here and there while “Straddling” between Afghanistan and Pakistan staying close to the Afghan – Pakistan border but NEVER a planned and co-ordinated atack.

        Why were TTP fighters better equipped than Afghan Taliban?

        Why were detailed maps found in their posession in the SWAT operation and caches and caches of weapons.

        Do not try to dupe ordinary Pakistanis into a Psy Ops campaign by the enemies of Pakistan tarnishing Afghan Taliban witht he same brush as TTP referred to as a 2000 – 3000 strong armed Afghan Death Squad working closely with non Pakistani foreign states to destabilise the Afghan – Pakistani border.

  8. Here in this page, comments are usually used frequently for “Puppet, Agent…and so on.

    I’d difinitly have to say if you called TTP as puppet or Agent than how about the Govt. Pakistan…do they fall under the same catagory of being follower & called a colony of US…I think I’m not wrong.

    Let us point on Drone, let this killed innocent or TT leaders, at the end it is simply called “American Badmashi” from which our govt. got afraid and not willing to reply back.

    Also if the govt. policies couldn;t back by West than today we shouldn’t have such peoples taking guns against thier own govt. It is a state failiur…..

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