Complete shutdown in Srinagar following Masarat Alam’s arrest


SRINAGAR: A complete shutdown was observed on Saturday across Indian Occupied Kashmir on the call of Hurriyat hardliner Syed Ali Shah Geelani to protest the arrest of Kashmiri leader Masarat Alam.

Just yesterday, at least 14 Kashmiris were injured as clashes erupted in Srinagar after police arrested Alam in Indian Occupied Kashmir on April 17 for waving Pakistani flags and chanting pro-Pakistan slogans at a rally.

All shops, offices were closed, while public transport was also seen to be suspended, Business Standard reported.

The authorities made strict security arrangements to avoid any untoward incident.

Earlier, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) spokesperson Waheed Para slammed allegations that the Kashmiri government arrested Alam on the Centre’s pressure.

“The action has not been taken due to any pressure. The government has acted as per the procedure. There should be no sensationalism in this. It is being shown that the Jammu and Kashmir police does no work by itself but acts only under pressure from the home ministry,” he said.

Para argued that Kashmiris are also Indians and cannot be treated as Pakistanis.

“Even Kashmiris are citizens of this country. They may have a different ideology but how can they be considered Pakistanis? You can’t fight them as enemies,” he said.

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