Communal Violence in India


In spite of the long history of communal riots in India, the situation has worsened to an extreme this time, with AK-47 rifles being used in the current riots. The Police recovered 41 AK-47 cartridges from the violence-hit Baghpat, which are banned for the general population and are only available to the Army and the Police. Moreover, Army and Police personnels are not even allowed to take these firearms home, and face the risk of being court martialled in case of violation of these rules. Baghpat SP has ordered an inquiry into the matter, which, nevertheless, hints at a big game being played in the area.

The bloodbath in Muzaffarnagar and adjoining areas, though it claimed 50 lives and rendered tens of thousands homeless, has not yet quenched the bloodthirst of many. Some news portals are trying to play on a different note, apparently wondering what stirs the communal pot in Muzaffarnagar, while presenting the so-called ‘love-jihad’ as a ground reality beyond all doubt, igniting negative sentiments for Muslims. As the tension eases, they reveal that UP is becoming the new hub for the ISI of Pakistan, without any evidences except baseless assumptions and conspiracy theories. Under the cover of the blame for the ISI, the Muslims of UP are clearly accused of anti-state activities and conspiracies. Such thoughtless analyses will only further ignite the communal sparks. To further these polarising attempts, Narendra Modi is being projected as the saviour of the majority, and fiery pro-Modi speeches were delivered in the riot-hit areas. The ground is already set and the carpets are reddened with Muslim blood in preparation to escort Mr. Modi to the seat of the Prime Minister.
Fortunately, in spite of such efforts, the tension seems to be easing little by little in the riot-hit areas, and it is finally time for the political stakeholders to play their final innings. The Chief Minister, who was absolutely helpless in controlling the riot or saving the victims, will now visit the riot-hit areas and meet the families of the victims, whereas the Rashtriya Lok Dal MP, Jayant Chaudhary, has already slipped through the high security and entered Meerut with a message of peace. The Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh, who had earlier expressed his deep anguish over the loss of lives and promised the CM all required help, will make his visit on Monday for an on-the-spot assessment. The Congress president Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and her deputy Mr. Rahul Gandhi, who had maintained silence so far, will also arrive next week, with their offer of ‘solace’ and assessment of the prevailing situation. The other political players should also be expected to join in the race soon, in their attempts to score political points in the run up to the Lok Sabha elections, 2014.

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  1. By Seen Hamza & Kavish (Indian Correspondents for PKKH)

    Really ?!?!? Indian “Correspondents” for a fake news hate mongering website run by a propaganda ring?

    Surely you meant Christina Palmer, Cherry Ferguson, Kapil Verma – or should I add Moin Ansari, Lisa Bernstein (oooh – that’s Jewish by the way)

    The funny part is that I bet Pakis believe the by-lines as well. No wonder delusion reigns supreme.

    I love PKKH. You’re doing a job even the RAW can’t do. Making utter fools of Pakistanis. Thank You PKKH.

    • It always amazes and amuses me how you obsess yourself with only names and nationalities or spellings, rather than taking the pains to read a few sentences from the articles.

      You would do yourself a favour by trying to read the lines before reading between the lines.

  2. This bombmonkey has no other vocation in life than to troll Pakistani sites and make a fool of himself. There is no other country on this planet that harbors as much communal violence as the land of the filthy banya. That langotya pedophile fooled the world into mantra of non-violence, yet caused immense communal riots and huge loss of life, mostly muslim. His deciples have learned well. It seems that filthy hindu have a remote control button whenever they want a few thousand of the minority to be massacred, whether Sikh, Muslim or Christian. This fool, bombmonkey, has had most of his neurons fried by the cow cola that he imbibes in so heartily. By the way where is your boyfriend edied?

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