Coke Studio’s third Explorer video introduces us to Balochistan’s throat singers


After stops in the Kalash Valley in Chitral and Dewaan Lal Chand, Sindh, Coke Studio Explorer takes us deep into Balochistan to the city of Sohbatpur to offer us a glimpse of the little known art of ‘nar sur’ throat singing.

Performers of nar sur sing and play the flute at the same time — which is music that modern recording technology isn’t even capable of capturing with full integrity, according to Coke Studio co-producer Zohaib Kazi.

In the third episode titled ‘Naseebaya’, we hear Manyal sing a song of his ancestors, which is blended with some very cool electronica sounds. You’ll wish the song didn’t end so soon.

Listen to the track here:


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