Coke Studio – Revival of Traditional Music!


As we talk about the most admired ongoing music program of Pakistan; Coke Studio. It’s all about transforming our old songs according to the latest musical regime of the 21st century, which are based on our traditions and on our culture from past 9 years. We witnessed all those beginners who had chosen this platform to show their talent to the world. A lot of them failed but at the same time various came out as resulting superstars. Nowadays, Coke Studio itself is the biggest music project and the prevalent media campaign in the country. Apparently, it is the only music show which On Air simultaneously on 41 TV channels. Apart from this, we can also hear it on eight radio stations.

Every season of Coke Studio gives us something to remember for rest of our lives just like that this time Coke Studio season 9 had shown up as the biggest experiment of the date. The strings and Coca-Cola had returned as executive producers, while for the first time in the history of Coke Studio, this season was composed by the renowned six Music directors, like; Noori ,Shani Arshad ,Jaffer Zaidi ,Shiraz Uppal and Shuja Haider under Strings supervision.

The songs which were sung in latest episode of Coke Studio:

1- Dil Ruba na Razi:

Basically, it is a Pashto song. Beautifully sung by Zeb Bangash nd Fakhir Mehmood, published on Aug 26, 2016 .Directed by Faakhir Mehmood. This track is being loved by almost every single person, as it is a beautiful folk music tune, consolidated with an irresistible song that fits the first like a glove. Whilst holding the sentimentality of the first, music executive Faakhir has figured out how to change the tune into a bubbly highlighting.

2: Khaki banda:

It is a Sufi rock song. The music was directed by Shuja Haider and was sung very beautifully by our very well-known artist Umair Jaswal and Ahmed Jehan Zeb. The song was liked but more than 5,000 people just on YouTube.

  1. Tu hi tu:

This song was sung by Mehwish Hayat and Shiraz Uppal even got directed by Shiraz Uppal, released on 26 of Aug 2016 .The track *Tu hi tu* has all the seamless pop- ingredients  that have the power to make a romantic love ballad a promising debut for Mehwish Hayat on coke studio in her duet with Shiraz Uppal .

The unrivaled success of Coke Studio over the years connected deeply with folks, both spiritually and emotionally especially with the youth who didn’t know about the traditional music of Pakistan. Fortunately, Coke Studio has more than 170 million YouTube views and 7.5 million plus audio streams. Coke studio is not only being watched in Pakistan but it is also viewed by fans in 150 other countries and has been exported to 20 countries. This time Pakistan has proved to be a unique platform for high profile projections as it is working hard so even deaf individuals can also feel what music is like Coca-Cola has partnered with Special Schools and Training Centers for Hearing impaired individuals to make history and has created music for the deaf or the people with some kind of hearing impairment in this season. However, it is an appreciable initiative from the producers and team of Coke Studio.

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