The Coincidences – CPEC, Terrorism and Border


Though coincidences are important as they happen to converge different ideas but as they say: Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action. In the backdrop of so many abrupt “coincidences” a lot has been going on around lately which is outwardly separate but semantically connected in more than one ways, start counting; inauguration of CPEC (which has surely caused plenty of aches in various stomachs), COAS’s passing of the torch (lot of waiting eyes and minds), Panama-Gate hanging in balance and following the tremors it is creating in the political paradigm, terror attack on Sha-Norani shrine in Khazdar Baluchistan and of course continuous “surgical strikes” by Indians on civilian population alongside boarder, if one tries to put all in perspective then it can certainly be identified the underlying pattern, existence of which is no coincidence.

Even while being examined with the naked eye; nature and order of recent bloody occurrences in Pakistan gives staggering conclusions. The diabolic steps of passive aggression adopted by Indian policy makers are for creating mayhem in South Asia and are connected with internationally aligned objectives, in response; a vibrant  neo-world-order is shaping up which comprise of US and anti-US forces. In this context the increasing conflict of interest between Sino-Russian alliance and US led NATO is obvious, examples of which can be traced in rising Chinese influence in south and East Asia where US interests were strongly confronted by the Chinese stance. It subsequently gives clear glimpses of the further forthcoming hostilities and call for taking sides, to go with this Russian actions to defy American policies and protecting their interest in an aggressive manner in Middle Eastern theater is mere icing on the cake.

Increase and further reliance of Chinese trade on CPEC is something which will strengthen her more and it will gain China more allies and decrease their load and dependency on strait of Malaka, which is under close American surveillance and presence, a bargain chip from US perspective which in case of any military skirmish between the two giants could be used by the Americans to choke Chinese oil supplies, hence any port such as Gawader which could relieve Chinese from this concern will be marked red by US and its allies, in this case especially India. Indian elite is trying desperately to fill in the shoes of Sha Of Iran who once served as American constable in the region plus they also have their personal reasons to try and do whatever they can to sabotage CEPC and Gwader, their thousand year old inferiority complex being one of the many reasons.

Besides, flourishing Sino-Pak relation will compromise Indian interests, at the same time India’s longtime ally Russia has also started to pay less attention to them as well. It started quite a while ago, now there are several Pak-Russia armed deals in phase of talks and everyone knows JF-17 could not have been possible without support from Russia to allow Chinese to give access to RD-93 engines which were subsequently used in Thunders. Cracks were already starting to appear in Russian-Indian alliance which are now seemingly becoming even more visible.

Along with the terrorist activities within the country, there is also an ongoing limited war waged by India on Pakistani boarders. It seems this tactic is Doval version of keeping the LoC hot in order to divert Pakistani attention from internal affairs, provide relief to their fallen terrorist pawns in order to remain relevant in the whole equation. Zarbe-e-Azb’s success has left a bitter taste in the mouths of enemies of Pakistan, they are trying to compensate it by triggering a small scale war, notably there is little to no US concern expressed over the matter, instead new US administration seems to endorse it.

From Pakistani perspective, Pakistan needs to stand fast, in response to boarder tension best approach is to deal with it then and there, every bullet fired by the Indians at the boarder should be dealt with iron fist at the spot targeting only military assets with a clear intent of minimizing collateral damage, expanding the conflict will not be a wise move. On the home front, maintaining law and order and progressing in CPEC venture should receive a big chunk of energies and focus.



Ahsan Malik is an IT professional with a passionate & candid version of his own on national and international issues relating to Pakistan, he tweets @MohdAhsanMalik and can be reached at

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  1. One side effect of in-breeding is that due to brain damage one has uncontrollable urge to conjure up and believe in conspiracy theories.

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