Climate Alteration – A Formidable Threat to Life on Earth


Reasons, Impacts and Solutions to Climate Change

The climate change is a gradual effect, which translates the natural earth’s atmosphere and weather conditions into harmful conditions. Every event that increases the Greenhouse Effect categorizes as the Climate change. The predicted effects by the environmental scientists for global changes can detect like, the heat waves are becoming more intense, glaciers are melting, and sea level is climbing at an alarming level. A global shift in temperature is altering the climate of our planet significantly, which results in unpredictable, intense, and extreme weather.

Pakistan is one of those states that are affected by the dilemma of climate change as well. Nevertheless, due to intense and frequent heat waves, many countries beside Pakistan are having droughts and then destructive heavy rainfalls and floods. The People, places, flora, and fauna are facing fundamental threats due to sudden and rapid mood change.

Causes for Global Warming:

The Greenhouse effect is a lifelike force for making earth’s temperature favourable for living, but regrettably, it worsens due to increase in pollution in the surroundings. Greenhouse gases; Carbon dioxide (CO2), Ozone (O3) & Methane (CH4) are causing heat energy to trap in the ambiance that results in an increment of the earth’s temperature. Although all greenhouse gases naturally exist, humans are adding more by burning fossil fuels in the form of petroleum, coal or natural gas and livestock. The greatest atmospheric impact is due to the burning of the fossil fuels. Greenhouse gases act like a thick blanket or cover, which is arrived at Planet Earth warmer. Plants take in carbon dioxide, but the amount of production of this gasoline is higher than an amount that forests take up. At the same time, humans are clearing the forests, which are already very few. 23 billion tons of CO2 emissions are due to power generation around the world per year, which means that approximately 700 tons of CO2 eliminate due to human activity per second. However, the natural gas releases 70% less CO2 than coal per every unit of producing energy, but its output can never fail.

Impacts on Different Sectors:

Alteration in the climate is imposing the effects on our lives in a broad variety of ways, which includes health, crop yield, rainfall, forest, ecosystem, energy supply. Let’s receive a recap of these shocks on different sectors:

  • Ecosystems: The annual life cycle of many species is highly influenced by changing the climate. Reproduction, blooming & migrations affected badly. When climate alteration affects particular species, it affects food web and results in a significant change in an ecosystem by distressing a wide range of other species.
  • Food and Agriculture: At local, regional, and global level, the food security affects are obvious due to high temperature influencing quality and availability of various kinds of foods. The variety in climate affects crop yield when we talk about agricultural effects. Extreme temperature and increasing CO2 level are destructive to crop growth. Droughts and floods like extreme weather conditions also imposed numerous impacts on crops & other foods. Livestock directly threatened by the heat waves and by diseases due to shifting in climate.
  • Human Health: As climate affects everything that can strike us; drinking water, nutrient, air, weather, and so on, that is why it has a threatening effect on human health. High temperature not only affects the body, but also affects mental health, which alters our behaviour, causes depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • Society: The people, who are not, adapted to sudden climate changes, affected by the climate change. This change especially affects those who are living in areas of droughts, coastal storms, or heavy rainfalls. It affects immigrant, poor and older adults more than those who are used to these changes, can afford appliances/device that can lessen the impact of climate change or younger. Business and professions face challenges due to climate change that leaves an effect on our lives too.
  • Extinction: Due to climate change, pollution and habitat destruction gradual number of species becoming extinct. According to Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, 20-30% of flora and fauna are at risk of extinction if the temperature reaches the projected level by end of the century.
  • Water Resources: Water is life and we are dependent on clean and reliable water to live. Not only human beings but also all other living things are also natural on this holy thing. There are categorized uses of the Water. Change in the climate is likely to increase the demand of water while on the other hand; water supplies are getting short with the passage of time. The shift in the balance is challenging for the water demands. However, it is an alarming situation for all.
  • Energy: Role of energy is very important in our lives. Climate change increases demand and affects the productivity of energy. Like water resources, the balance between the production of energy and its use is raising challenge.
  • Forests: Length of growing season is increasing due to climate shift. Due to this change, which is occurring globally, some tree’s geographic ranges get affected. In some areas of Pakistan there is a risk of extreme drought and in some other regions, there is a risk of flooding or high rainfall. CO2 is helpful and good for plants’ photosynthesis process but it also changing the distribution of the tree species.
  • Transportation: Climate change is affecting all kind of transportation systems. Destruction and damages of roads, railroads, and bridges often observed after extreme weather events. These changes are increasing the risk of disruptions, delays, and failure across our land, air, and marine transportation systems.

Solutions: We can dramatically slow the pace of change of climate and reduce global warming and pass on the batter, safer and healthier Planet Earth to coming generations.

  • Reduce Greenhouse Gases & Heat Emissions: As individuals, use less coal and other fossil fuel dependent energy systems and increase the efficiency of your vehicles. There is a need to invest in energy efficient technologies at the industrial level.
  • Stop Deforestation: Plants are heat trapper and major CO2 absorber. Reducing deforestation can significantly reduce the global warming. Rather than deforestation, we should plant more trees.
  • Control of Methane Gas: Methane gas regarded as natural gas. It is one of the greenhouse gases and even more powerful and potent than CO2. Leaks from storages and pipes are leaving very bad impacts on the environment. The Methane gas supply arrangements needed to amend. We all have to take care of gas leaks at the individual level as well.
  • Consume Less & Efficient: All products produced around the globe created by utilizing some form of energy that affects climate in a diversity of ways. Try to avoid unnecessary plastic wrapping and packaging.

These are few essential suggestions that can lead to the improvement of the surroundings, reduce pollution and Global warming can diminish.


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