China imposes COVID lockdown on area around iPhone factory


BEIJING: Chinese authorities on Wednesday locked down the area girding the world’s largest iPhone plant after workers had fled the installation to avoid COVID restrictions.

Central China’s Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, where Taiwanese tech mammoth Foxconn runs a massive factory, entered seven days of” stationary operation” on Wednesday, original officers said in a statement, using a circumlocution for lockdown.

Images surfaced last week on Chinese social media showing people breaking out of Foxconn’s installation, which employs hundreds of thousands of workers.

workers were complaining online of poor conditions and having to flee the plant on bottom to avoid COVID transport checks.

All people except COVID-forestallment levies and essential workers” must not leave their places except to admit COVID tests and exigency medical treatment”, the officers said Wednesday.

They added only medical vehicles and those delivering rudiments would be allowed on the thoroughfares.

China is the last major frugality committed to a zero-COVID strategy, persisting with snap lockdowns, mass testing and lengthy insulations in a shot to stamp out arising outbreaks.

But new variants have tested original officers’ capability to snuff out flare- ups briskly than they can spread, causing much of the country to live under an ever- changing mosaic of COVID checks.

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