Check-posts reduced in South Waziristan from 32 to 5 after peace restoration


PESHAWAR: The Pakistan Army stated on Friday that the number of check-posts in South Waziristan have been reduced from 32 to five after the restoration of peace in the volatile region.

IG FC South Maj Gen Abid Latif Khan confirmed the news and said it was made possible after return of normalcy to the area. He added that almost 30km of the Pak-Afghan border has also been fenced to check unauthorised movement

“Pashto speaking troops are deployed at the checkpoints for smooth communication with the locals,” Khan said.

IG FC noted that cross-border threats remained an area of considerable concern to Pakistan, and security forces were fortifying the border to the best of their ability.

“399 major operations have been carried out since 2001 in the area,” the military official stated.

Authorities have further decided to resume cellular services in South Waziristan from next week, sources have told Express News.

Earlier, it was revealed that cellular network providers have decided to invest their net profit in Mohmand Agency as a social responsibility on their part in the health, education and communication sector.

Political Agent Mohmand Wasif Saeed, while giving details of the project in Mohmand, told the media that the decision was made in a meeting held at the agency headquarter of Mohmand, where apart from the political administration, the FC commandant and the regional heads of major cellular services also participated.

Saeed urged the regional heads to invest their net profit under Community Social Responsibility for the betterment of health, education and communications sector. He also requested them to share their three-year plan for this purpose.


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