Chaudhry Nisar takes aim at PPP


ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan spoke on Tuesday against the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP).

Nisar alleged that officials from the past PPP government were involved in massive money laundering carried out by Khanani and Kalia. “The record was destroyed to hide facts,” Nisar said, adding that he would be bringing forward important developments in the case in the next two weeks.

The interior minister criticized Bilawal Bhutto Zardari over adopting what Nisar claimed was an Imran Khan style towards politics. “Someone has whispered in his ear that he should adopt Imran Khan’s style,” Nisar said.

“He screams over the Panama Leaks, even though his mother has also been named in the papers. Please take your mother’s case in the court first,” he said, without naming Bilawal or the slain Benazir Bhutto.

In a jibe at the Pakistan Peoples Party he said, “When the PPP talks about tackling corruption, it’s like the BJP speaking about the rights of Muslims.”

Nisar added it was extremely sad that the ‘honest’ Sindh Police IG A.D. Khawaja had been sent on a forced leave. “One thing is for sure, Zardari never speaks against corruption,” he said

Abbottabad Commission report

Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar also spoke about the Abbottabad Inquiry Commission and said he will ask the cabinet to reveal the findings of the report.

“The Abbottabad raid was the biggest attack on the country’s sovereignty in the last 69 years,” he said while he addressed a passing out parade of the Rapid Response Force.

He added that a final decision over the Abbottabad Commission rests with the Prime Minister.

The Abbottabad Inquiry Commission investigated and reported the circumstances surrounding the May 2011 raid by US Special Forces at a compound in Abbottabad. The commission had interviewed over 300 witnesses and gave 200 recommendations in a 700 page report to the prime minister. The report was immediately classified, but a version was leaked by an international news network.

Three years after submitting the findings surrounding a raid by US Special Forces in Abbottabad, the inquiry commission’s head Justice retired Javed Iqbal demanded on Monday that the Abbottabad Inquiry Commission report be made public.

Speaking to Geo News, Justice (retired) Iqbal said the commission’s report only focused on identifying those responsible for what happened.

Zero Crime in the country

Nisar said that in the last government’s tenure there were bomb blasts every other day. Addressing the pass-outs he said, “Serve the nation. Stop terrorists from entering Islamabad. Establish your control in the capital,” he said.

In its first batch 409 cadets passed out including 341 constables, including 45 lady constables and 33 drivers.

The Rapid Response Force was established in accordance with the National Action Plan. The force will be established in all four provinces.

Speaking at the ceremony, Nisar said, “I am glad that in the last three years appointments in the department have been transparent.”

“Police officials to do not belong to anyone, they are here to serve Pakistan,” he said.

He said that the police should abide by the law. “I want zero crime in the country,” he said.




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