ChatGPT users discover ‘$42 Professional Plan’


After OpenAI announced earlier this month that it was looking into ways to monetise its AI chatbot ChatGPT, users now have the option to sign up for early access to “ChatGPT Professional.” Now, some members claim to have access to a pro tier that costs $42 per month.

OpenAI has not informed us of this or confirmed that it is an official test. According to James Vincent of The Verge, ChatGPT Professional’s functionality and pricing are subject to change prior to its official launch.

As stated by OpenAI earlier this month: We are not providing paid pro access at this time, and please keep in mind that this is a preliminary experimental program that is subject to change.

In light of that, what does $42 per month bring you?

According to screenshots posted by users who were granted early access, you get “priority access to future features,” faster response times, and more dependable access (since ChatGPT is frequently unavailable).

Zahid Khawaja, an AI developer who works on multiple projects, uploaded a video showing the top tier working on desktop and mobile devices. He also included a screenshot of his payment to OpenAI as proof. Khawaja pointed out that the system responds clearly more quickly than the free version.

However, the more difficult issue is cost. On the official ChatGPT Discord, numerous users expressed disapproval and complained about the $42 price.

One user commented, “If it made me money, I could justify the 42/mo.” However, “in my country, this is a good percentage of the minimum wage.”

Another individual stated, “I very much wanted to pay for a plan, but 42$ is just too much.”

“Peeps who are heavy users and wish to become “superhuman” with the assistance of AI will find that 42 USD is not excessive. However, too many people will find it too much,” added another.

As another commenter pointed out, it is evident that users’ opinions regarding any price would depend on their need for the service.

There are numerous anecdotal accounts of individuals using ChatGPT to speed up their work, and for those individuals, an investment of $42 per month is probably reasonable, comparable to any other software subscription. However, due to Purchasing Power Parity, users from nations like Pakistan may encounter difficulties.

In contrast, casual users will need to have faith that the free version will continue to function similarly to the professional version. OpenAI’s initial pricing attempt at $42 is probably speculative due to the lack of comparable services. In the end, even a small cost will be a useful filter for determining how helpful ChatGPT is actually.

It is essential to keep in mind that the market for AI chatbots will experience significant expansion this year.

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