Charsadda Attack and Saffron Bandits


Beware folks, I am not providing any analysis, there will be many more who can do far superior job when it comes to evaluating and analyzing, since just plainly hurt so at best it’s more like an epilogue in a monologues way, a self-speech and may be a conscious expression regarding what happened in Charsadda, where a routine academic day consumed by fire and blood left heavy hearts and flooding eyes behind, may Allah bless all of the departed souls, must notify Professor Hamid, a young scientist in a take off stage of his life, on a micro level of the detail it takes a life time to make a genius and they took him from us, in a blink of an eye, just like that, those eyes filled with composed ambition will haunt many for a long time.

Got to start from statement of Indian defense minister which he gave in backdrop of Pathankot attack, had to say for once in their lives it looks like they technically kept their words, moments like these are rare to find in Pak-India relations where the latter actually “honoring” his words otherwise denying what they commit is a high “Nehru-ian” and “Ghandi-ian” trait which most of the Indian leaders feel privileged to follow, yet Indian defense minister Manohar Parrikar’s “warning” has more to it than what he actually said, Indian foreign policy doctrine’s focal point is regional domination with continuous intentions of bringing mayhem and bloodshed in Pakistan using their local pawns operating via Afghanistan, if someone still wonders about what exactly dozens of Indian diplomatic consulates are busy doing around Pak Afghan border then may be its high time that they should start considering doubling their sessions lying down on a couch with a gentle man taking notes of their missing pills. Indian foreign policy regarding Pakistan is the child of centuries old practices derived from their ancient behaviors and outcome of centuries old inferiority complex, in a nutshell, from Afzal Khan and Shivaji to Nawaz and Moudi, Historically and Ironically, It’s the usual saffron back stab, intending to embrace with a smile on the face hiding dagger behind the back, for a thousand-year mind of a bandit works in a mysterious way.

In ongoing chaos in the region and in context of power struggle in Afghanistan and middle east with considering Mr Obama’s “prophecy” about potential future destabilization of Pakistan there surely is more to it, after all both are strategic partners. One claims they will bring the pain and other endorses it.

Terrorist attack on Bacha Khan university Charsadda is quite similar to APS attack, terrorist picked a specific date, time and place to strike even the so-called “mastermind” appears to be the same, it’s really funny how the term “mastermind” gets over-used for these people, what “mastery” these “fidayeen” displayed while mercilessly killing innocent unarmed, civilian students who can’t even defend themselves? What bravery is this for which they are shamelessly claiming victory? Ones who ordered, ones who planned and ones who executed this dire act, It is downright shameless cowardness, that’s what it is on their part.

For some time now it’s crystal clear that in a potentially longer proxy war against terrorism in Pakistan there will be calms between storms, moments of seemingly attained peace, but like in any wider and longer shadowy conflict enemy will take advantages of these lapses to gather their strength and strike again whenever he gets better, so in between such phases it is imperative that we as state remain even more composed and committed, it is right that one way or the other it’s going to continue, if we don’t bring our own house in order we will face more of it, though there are some serious intentions shown by the state in ongoing national action plan but if we analyze the whole equation from top to bottom we will find that still from minute details of the matter to the grandest sight  of the problem there are quite a few areas in which we as state are overlooking the gravity of the situation, if one tries to break it down in details he could pin point some reasons which are acting as contributing factors and causing this menace of terrorism to get out of control every now and then.

  1. Most importantly, we are too “lenient” and “forgiving” when it comes to our neighbors or so called friends who are intervening in our internal affairs, especially on diplomatic front against India so in outset of the whole fiasco and considering we are still in process of burying 21 of our fellows I would try to be as calm and professional as situation potentially allows and would like categorically to state that TO HELL WITH “Aman Ki Asha”, message should be delivered and it should be clear that there will be no talks, there will be no peace until there is blood spilling in streets of Pakistan.
  2. “tolerating terrorist sympathizers”, enough is enough, as a state policy, Pakistan should express zero tolerance towards people who in any way what so ever try to justify or reason the terrorist acts and terrorist’s mindset be it the urban terrorism of MQM or the religious rationale of JUI and JI factions or any individual like Mualvi Abdul Aziz of Lal Masjid.
  3. “Too many dummies on too many key positions”, provincial governments who cry out loud on interference of Islamabad should be issued with an ultimatum to bring their act together relating to the jurisdictions pertaining to security issues and terrorist financing.
  4. “What is the name of your foreign minister? Sorry, we don’t have one”, PM Nawaz Shariff should appoint a full time foreign minister, nation of 200 million deserves one, with all due respect to Mr Sartaj Aziz and Mr Tariq Fatmi they have served their country in distinction in their prime, it’s time to say goodbye, with a vibrant new foreign minister Pakistan needs to drive a pivotal foreign policy safe guarding national interest in collaboration with military establishment and needs to present Pakistan’s case in an offensive counter diplomatic campaign against the notorious elements notably India and Indian sponsored factions of Afghan establishment on every international platform. We need to speak up and we need to speak up now.
  5. “incapable civilian structure”, Army is carrying too much burden of this heavy cargo, too much of their liking too much of our liking, this is one of the top most reasons why Army is still in Swat or for that case in Karachi, top most responsibility of a state is to provide security to its citizens, institutions of judiciary, civil intelligence and police need to be restructured in a systematic manner with both short term imminent measures and with a long term transition plan to support the social fabric.

These are some fundamental reasons, there could be many supplementary ones too, which need to be identified and addressed on priority bases, as far as the “warning” from across the border is concerned let us put it down in black and white for the likes of Manohar Parrikars and Ajit Dovals, though mourning our loved ones, burying our dead, wounded and bleeding yet there is still more to us which meets the eye, deep down inside you know better than us that we will endure it, like we always have, Pakistan and Pakistanis are here to stay, there is no power on earth which can undo Pakistan, no matter how much pain you want to bring upon us, doesn’t matter how much you plan to upset the flowing course of history at the end of it all you will come to know that you are standing against the current of it and when it’s all over it will become evident that doesn’t matter how marvel yet in final analysis pain is always temporary but the wrath it will trigger will be as enduring as the very will of  it so you and your alike better batten down the hatches because when it hits, you are all going to wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of yours, finally when you will realize it’s you who made it all possible it will be the last sane thought in your heads, you think it’s a threat?…. you’re damn right it is.

Ahsan Malik is an IT professional with a passionate & candid version of his own on national and international issues relating to Pakistan, he tweets @MohdAhsanMalik and can be reached at

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