Chaos in Islamabad – A Different Perspective

The capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, is blocked, choked and frustrated. A group of people has taken away the basic rights of people of a “democratic state”, and the government is unable to provide the basic right to its citizen in the capital, Which is the freedom of movement.
The “visionary” interior minister of a “struggling democracy” who was sorting out some “unknown mights” of the country in front of a camera a month ago is unable to deliver rights to the people.
The whole of Islamabad is jeopardized by some “Khadim” and his “companions”. People are facing nerve breaking blockades and are forced to cancel their commitments. Educational institutions and universities have canceled their exams because “Khadim” is at service, but of whom?
Definitely, he is not serving the cause he is claiming. He is not serving the cause of Islam, neither is he serving the cause of the greatest reformer of all time Muhammad (PBUH).
Who is he serving then? Whose service is he at? Nobody has met him, no meeting or conciliation meeting with any person is reported yet.
The issue of Khatme Nabuwat was settled, the amendment was reversed and everything was absolutely fine until some retired captain from Mansehra delivered a speech in the parliament, things got heated up again, “Khadim” with his followers started marching towards Islamabad demanding the identification and suspension of the people involved in the amendment.
They came to Islamabad and were “stopped” at a location which was vital for the traffic flow and Islamabad got blocked. They didn’t choose this location, the location chose them.
Imran Khan gave a 126-day dharna but nobody cared. Because the life in the city was absolutely normal, people could move freely, Imran Khan got bigger numbers but was still confined by the police to a side location, which shows that if the police want to limit a crowd to a certain place, it very much can.
In the case of this protest, the police have actually facilitated them to block the capital, and interior minister runs the police, where is the interior minister? I think he is busy sorting out that “Rangers’ Brigadier”.
The lady from dawn leaks and Panama leaks craves a situation, a situation of unrest, and by chance the man who delivered a speech on the issue which ignited it again happens to be her husband, “an obedient husband”, and who by chance has met Khadim Rizvi in the last 2 days, what a coincidence!
Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddique of Islamabad high court also ordered to end this protest or shift it to somewhere else, but Khadim has not yet accepted his order, and may oppose it openly, and then? What then? The disqualified ex-prime minister will not be the lone defiant of the judiciary, he will get the Khadim’s shoulder. Two would make a stronger case, though the case would be entirely different, the main case is “defying judiciary”.
Maybe in the coming days, Khadim Hussain Rizvi would be found cursing the judiciary, chanting in his typical style, “mujhy kion uthaya”, “mujhy kion uthaya”.
Let me make it very clear, I’m not blaming anyone, as an analyst of current affairs, I am bound to analyze. As a conscious human being, it is my nature to think freely. And as a blogger, I am bound to write.
I heard his supporters saying that it is a storm and cannot be stopped, it will wipe away all the sins, all the wrong people. In this statement, you found the answer to my question, who is he serving?
Storm serves the chaos.



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