You can videocall people using Google now


Google has finally released its video calling app Duo which allows users to make video calls to friends and family irrespective of whether they are on the same platform or not.

Video calls until now were restricted to users who had devices that featured the same operating software, meaning Android users could not generally communicate with iOS users through the feature.


Google’s new cross platform video calling app changes this by allowing one-to-one video calling between those who have installed the app.

The app has a minimalistic design that requires only the user’s phone number without the need to make a separate account and automatically gets contacts from the phone list.

However, the tech giant has arrived really late at the game with Duo as there are bunch of apps already that offers cross-platform video calling like Skype and Messenger.


So far, only attractive thing about Google’s new app is the Knock Knock feature that lets users see a live video of the caller before they answer.

Google has also taken into account the issue of security and piracy which is why the app also features end-to-end encryption, which is also already there on WhatsApp.

The app is available on Android, while on iOS currently it is available in US region only.

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