Brigade level exercise held at Jalal Pur Jattan for troops ex Jhelum formation


A brigade level exercise held at Jalal Pur Jattan for troops ex Jhelum formation, according to Inter Services Public Relations on Wednesday.

The exercise was aimed to enhance coordination between various components of the formation during the war, the statement read.

Moreover, Commander Rawalpindi Corps visited the exercising troops to see the conduct phase. The commander hailed operational preparedness and professional competence displayed by the participating troops.

On December 20, Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa visited Bahawalpur to observe winter collective training exercises of the mechanised formation based in the area.

The army chief appreciated the high standards of training and professional skills displayed by the Army formation.

During the visit, he said that while the Army is committed to the war on terror, no complacency can be shown regarding preparations for responding to a conventional threat, added ISPR.

Commander Bahawalpur Corps Lieutenant General Sher Afgun also briefed General Bajwa about the training of the Corps for its assigned operational tasks.

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  1. Important Pakistan recruits from the border areas to ssfeguard the sanctity of Pakistan, the international borders and people living alongside it.

    It is high time Pakistan start building further precautionary measures.

    Several mined trenches between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    Build bunkers fir thise living closest to the borders and train them to defend themselves and provide armaments in case of unwanted infilration from across the borders.

    Fortify the border outposts further so terrorists from across the borders can not launch cross border attacks on not only the people but brave Pakistan Afwaj.

    Security is paramnount at the borders to reduce attacks internally. Security internally needs to be addressed also but a separate conversation along with more jobs better living conditions, education and ease to do business within Pakistan shall alleviate.

    Each city and town should have a cadets program to ensure our people are correctly trained to defend themselves and contribute to the security and safety of Pakistan. This needs to be mandatory to ensure every city and toen has the ability to defend themselves.

    Every institute and government building needs trained security guards to ensure proper security.

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