BRICS hits Modi with Bricks


This year’s BRICS summit was supposed to be held in Goa with the Indian P.M Narendra Modi looking to gain some strong held advantage over his enemies and strengthen India’s own ties with its closely linked allies. After boycotting SAARC just for the reason of it being unseemingly unsafe and pressuring three other SAARC members; Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Bhutan also rejected the invitation to come to Pakistan this November. This was definitely a move to defame Pakistan in the rest of the world and show its power to its smaller SAARC counterparts of whom we can say were either bribed or forced to not accept Pakistan’s invitation to come to Islamabad.

India had definitely planned the missing of SAARC summit as a ploy to put its own ability as a much more powerful nation than its most rivaled neighbor but its influence has only reached out to smaller nations who have not yet attained enough strength themselves. Afghanistan is facing its own problems with insurgents. Bangladesh and Bhutan are facing internal problems and economic disasters and are looking to India for financial support. Little do they realize that India itself is at the top of the list for internal problems. With their community demanding blood, it can either be their own or the Pakistani’s. Just like throughout history, Indian government has always targeted campaigns against Pakistan just to boost their popularity with their community. The boycott this year of the SAARC summit was no different.

The real failure however occurred when the recent BRICS summit ended in a heavy blow for the Indians. Two of the world’s strongest nations namely China and Russia refused to agree to India’s claims to name Pakistan as a terrorist state. While U.S has already denied India of this case and refused to accept India’s proposal to help them raise awareness for the Baluchistan facade, we can see India slowly losing any authority it has over other powerful nations as well as losing respect and credibility in the world for itself.

According to Indian claims regarding this so called snub, all they can come up with from their vast list of fake propagandas, they say that both these major nations are themselves targeted with terrorists and so they would want to ally themselves with the nations that have the same problems to fight against terrorism. Although this makes no sense to the other Indian channels who can’t seem to find any sort of retort to Russia’s and China’s boycott of Indian interests, they just go along with absurd reasons such as that “both these countries have refused to join India on this motive is because they are plotting against India with Pakistan”.

The real reason unfortunately for India is much worse than that they claim it to be. The fact of the matter is that India is in such a horrific state that no other country is willing to truly accept its claims. Their recent propagandas have all opened up to be nothing more than false rumours only bent upon defacing Pakistan but it has inadvertently led to India getting labelled as a nation with no authenticity. Thus China and Russia are not willing to align itself with such a nation decided to snub its claims to avoid getting dragged in all of India’s dramatization. This is surely a smart move on their part and a wake up call to the Indian Government who thought of themselves as invincible.

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  1. Hindu and ChsNakya policy “historically” to lie and deceive to get what you want.

    Misinformation is at the heart of Indian attacks on Pakistan.

    We muslims read from the Quran;

    “The truth shall stand firm on it’s own”
    The power of truth is noble, spiritually correct and appeals to the sense and sensibilities of the normal and sane. The Indians have shown their untrustworthiness time abd time again and this is a matter of historical introspection too.

    Bagal mein churi moon pay Ram Ram is known to everyone in Pakistan. This is the inherent trait of the zealot Hindu.

    The actions of their hero a 45ft something bandit whose statue adorns the cost of Mumbai is significant to the historic tactic of the Zealot Hindu.

    Siva a coward and a terrorist after cornered by Mughal forces makes his last stand. He invites the Mughal emissary Afzal Khan to a reconciliation. He asks Afzal Khan to come alone and unarmed.

    When Afzal Khan in the customary muslim show of trust welcomes this coward with an embrace. Siva stabs him in the back multiple times.

    This is how you should view how zealot Hindus seek to deal with Pakistan.

    Unfortunate if sense prevails India gains more by settling Kashmir and other outstanding issues since partition. India needs to stop her aspiration for an empire and treat nation states as sovereign and as equal.

    A peaceful Asia one that is integrated through road, air and sea is the framework to success. An Asia that en our ages free movement between members states. An Asia where Asian countries come together as an economic block is the answer and not an Asia held hostage by India’s own internal aspirations for a Hindu empire or an Indian Empire. A pipe dream that will stagnate the growth of Asia and play into the hands of the very people seeking to continue to divide and conquer.

    A fragmented unstable Asia plays much to their advantage.

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