After Brief Outage, Whatsapp Services Restored in Pakistan



After a brief outage today, WhatsApp services got restored in the Pakistan to end a country-wide panic among the users.

WhatsApp, earlier today, suddenly went offline while messages and calls didn’t go through the network. Issue was Pakistan specific as no-one beyond Pakistan faced the outage that lasted for some 20 minutes or so.

While PTA had confirmed  that it didn’t trigger the ban, and WhatsApp wasn’t working on any upgradation either, the main reason behind the outage is yet to be determined.

We’ve checked and the messenger service is working normally across other regions. It seems like the issue is localized to Pakistan. We’ve further determined that Whatsapp is not working on any network or ISP. It seems to be a country wide outage.Screenshot_8

PTA just confirmed to ProPakistnai that they didn’t touch anything, so its not a ban.

We’re in the process of finding out more information via our sources and will be updating the story as soon as we have something concrete.


Whatsapp services have been restored.

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