Border situation grim in Chumar as China turns up aggression




The border security situation in Chumar sector of the eastern Ladakh turned worse when Chinese PLA soldiers crossed the Line of Actual Control (LAC) and took away 150 metres of Optical Fibre Cable (OFC) linked to a surveillance camera and 300 metres of army’s telephone cable last Sunday.

The incident follows a face-off between the two sides on July 16-17 and an earlier incident on June 17 when the PLA took away a CCTV camera installed in the same area.

The sudden PLA aggression on July 21 in Chumar made Leh-based XIV Corps Commander Lt General Rakesh Sharma and Brigade Commander BM Gupta visit the area on July 23 to review the security situation along the LAC.

While India is committed to peace and tranquility on the LAC, instructions have been given to local commanders not to take matters lying down.

According to government sources, around 20 PLA troopers entered the India territory last Sunday and took away the OFC cable and telephone wire with the intention of not allowing the Indian Army monitor the LAC in the Chumar sector.

The Chumar incident has been taken up at the highest level with defence minister AK Antony being updated by army headquarters from time to time.

Senior officials says that Chumar has been the focus of PLA aggression as Indian Army’s observation post 30R dominates the LAC and gives a vantage view of the Chinese activity deep across the border.

This area figured in defusing the 21-day Depsang Plains standoff as the Chinese PLA went back to their original positions (called JAK I and II) on May 5, 2013, after the Indian Army dismantled a tin shed in the Chumar sector.

However, taking advantage of the CCTV camera, which was lying defunct for two full days, the PLA troops entered the Indian side on June 17 and took away the surveillance device. The faulty camera was returned on July 2 after Indian protests and on the eve of the defence minister visit to China on July 4.

“After the face-to-face like situation on July 16-17, the PLA showed aggression on July 21 by stealing the OFC and telephone cable which are vital to monitor the situation on the LAC.

The whole purpose is to push the Indian Army out of the vantage point near the LAC. While incursions in Arunachal Pradesh and Barahoti could be due to difference in LAC perceptions but the Chumar incident is about securing tactical advantage for the PLA in case of worst case scenario,” said a senior official.

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  1. So where is the Indian bravardo, why did they open fire??

    Why!! because they pee in their pants back in New Delhi when they think back to another 1981 scenario one that will help liberate Kashmir also as long as BeAwaaZ Shareef grows a spine and stops licking boots like the dog he is.

    I think come 2015 India will be very preoccupied with Pakistan and Chin in the Himalayas and they should for occupying our lands andnot trying to take steps to resolve the issue and also should be payback for dirty Banya treachery to destabilise Baloch, Khyber and Pakthunkwa during the height of American invasion of Afghanistan.

    Go on India put your boots on the ground in Afghanistan also.

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    • Pakistan is headache for entire world. Everyday we hear blast here and there killing so may people. Let forget above the people dying in Afghan and Pakistan border. Regarding India is concern china never dare to fire on India solder and even they go from India boundary after warning. China know there limitation and where they stand. After some year Pakistan will be divided in more than 7-10 nation. I fill pity for you that even after so much struggle you achieve nothing in India and India is still intact even with its vast diversity. Pakistan is sowing what they put in there country.

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  2. I think the Chinkies were embarrassed that the third rate optical fibre and cameras they sold India were not functioning properly.

    The Chinkies took it to get it repaired….and will return in fixed conditions.

    lol … who cares. There are 10 Billion reasons why China won’t do anything stupid. And that 10 Billion is set to rise to 60 Billion…..

  3. if ppl think china won’t ever go to war with india only because of trade then they’re seriously deluded. trade means nothing if you have to bow down to someone to get it. if china has to go to war with india to protect their interests then they will b/c it will be more fruitful for them in the long term. china and other sensible ppl understand this. apparently bombman doesn’t…

    • Brother China as vowed never to let what happened to it in colonial times happen ever again. They have also vowed to regain every inch of the land and past glory. The Chinese people are noble and incredibly patient. Hindus have a slave mentality, they kissed English boots and supplied their women for limey pleasure. It was the Muslims that resisted and started the freedom movement. So, my point is that hindu is incapable of ruling wisely, fairly and with compassion. That is the reason for their proclivity towards mass massacres and genocide. This in the will be their undoing in the not too distant future. Bhindia has enjoyed a certain economic uptick because it serves their blue eyed masters to prop them up against China and Pakistan. When they’re done fooking them over the animist and emaciated race will self destruct.

  4. It should have read;

    Why did the Cowardly Indian Soldiers not open fire?

    Because they pee in their pants when they think back to 1961.

    And where is the arrogant, petty, unprofessional and rude media reporting on this.

    Bravo to the brave PLA.

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  6. “While India is committed to peace and tranquility…”. Is there a more hypocritical and duplicitous nation on Earth. It annexed the peace loving kingdom of Sikkim, it occupies and kills the peaceful kashmiris, It has basically annexed Bhutan, it interfers in affairs of Nepal, it is sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan, it is picking a fight with China, it trained LTTE, caused havoc in Sri Lanks, it trained the Mukti bhini, it inflicted atrocities on the Bangalis, it basically tried to occupy the Maldives, it is stirring up crap in Afghanistan..etc. Every day is one too many for this fabricated land of the filthy rapists, rat worshippers and cow dung eaters and cow cola drinkers.

  7. Good to hear from Ansarul-Haq, Zak, 321, Hindu Kush.

    The reasons Hindu Terrorist forces did not fire at the PLA troops is that they only fire at unarmed, innocent civilian like their masters and trainers in the land of Occupied Palestine..

    Like Palestine, Kashmir is of utmost important territory of Biblical proportion. It is no coincidence that both the territories were handed over to Kuffars by the British Kuffars in the same time frame.

    With recent Iranian and Indian defense talks taking on board the Northern Alliances, concerning Chabahar port development, China acknowledges and perceives the danger that it may pose to China and Pakistan. Though the Pashtun of Afghanistan and Pakistan may have a different mind set.

    It is imperative that Pakistan do not loose this opportunity if there is a clash between these two as in 1962.

    I would stress again, that Iran is the mother of all Deception. World (west) opinion on Iran is softening, that is good. As there would be no killings, but Iran has accelerated its Rhetoric on handful of Shia killing and blaming Pakistan for not doing enough to protect them. Even though Iran knows that the foreign Indian terrorist forces are the perpetrators.

    So question is: Is Iran really a Target???
    The answer is and was NO. Pakistan was and is the Target of Cabal.

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  8. Assalam Alaikum Waqas Jee.

    Good to hear from you after so long.

    Waqas there is saying we are familiar with:

    Anhoni ko kaun taal sakta hain

    What is destined will happen.

    The seat of Khilafah went from Madinha, to Baghdad to Damas, to North Africa to Istanbul and the next revolution will happen in Central Asia where Pakistana nd Afghanistan MUST exist as brothers and are pivotal for the coming revolution.

    China has lived in peaceful coexistence with all her neighbours and has always behaved honourable throughout history.

    With India and her alignment as the blunt tool for USA interests in CEntral Asia and Asia Pacific, things will change.

    USA will watch from the distance incapable of financing anymore wars so will arm India.

    India surrounded by nations who have a genuine grievance has much to answer for or be pragmatic and promote the Asian age or try to sink the progress through a new cold war.

    Beyond the Hindu bravardo and special marketing and positive PR in the West, we all know what Bharat is and what it is capable off.

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