Bodies of 19 militants killed in Bara clashes shifted to Jamrud



BARA: The bodies of 19 militants, who were killed in recent clashes with the security forces in Kharmatang area of Bara subdivision in Khyber Agency, have been shifted to the Jamrud Tehsil on Thursday, official sources said.

The sources said that the security forces launched a search operation continued for two days against the militants in the Kharmatang area last week in which six soldiers and about 20 militants were killed.

The sources said that the bodies of 19 militants killed in the military operation were brought by the security forces to the Levies Centre in Jamrud tehsil of Khyber. The sources said that the bodies and faces of militants were burnt and mutilated whose identity could not be ascertained.

“We are digging graves for these militants in the Shakas area outside the Levies Centre where they will be buried,” a senior official of Khassadar Force told The News.

A few days back, the security forces started an offensive against the proscribed Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) operatives in Kharmatang and Zawa area of Bara Tehsil bordering with the Frontier Region (FR) Kohat in which at least 20 militants and four soldiers were killed.


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  1. Does HAkeemullah look Afghan to you?

    What is his background!

    Alot of mercenaries, terrorists non Afghans entered into Pakistan at the height of American Bombing in Afghanistan in 2001 – 2003.

    I call this the incubation effect.

    Foreign states and we All know which ones placed their assets under the guise of Afghan refugees inside Pakistan, many were non Afghans and certainly not Pakistani.

    Here they preached their nonsense and worked as puppets for theri masters until they were able to incite a fake uprising which was crushed in SWAT with the help and suppor tof the brave Pakistani Qabali – Pashtuns.

    Remember many supposed “muslim” TTP fighters killed were uncircumcised, of south asian stock found in SWAT, recently remember the tatoos on the back of those terrorist backs..

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