Before Doha Talks Initiated, ISI Chief Quietly Visited US



WASHINGTON, June 28: Director General of ISI Lt-Gen Muhammad Zahir ul Islam visited Washington quietly days before the United States announced the opening of a Taliban political office in Doha.

Since June 18, when the office opened, the United States publicly acknowledged that Pakistan played a constructive role in bringing the Taliban and the US administration closer to reconciliation.

Sources in Washington said that during his stay in the US capital, Gen Islam met senior US security and military officials and reviewed the Afghan situation with them.

The Americans are believed to have encouraged Pakistan to use “its influence in the region for ending the Afghan conflict”.

In Islamabad, US Ambassador Richard Olson told reporters that the US and Pakistan were working closely for ending the Afghan conflict. He said that Pakistan played “a constructive role” in facilitating the opening of the Doha office and “this is a big step and we greatly appreciate Pakistan’s support”.
Source: Dawn

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