BCCI thumbs down request of Italian-tailored suits for Indian team


DELHI: Board of Control for Cricket for India (BCCI) has rejected its CEO’s request for Italian-tailored suits for the cricket team and senior board officials.

Rahul Johri  suggested making the purchase of as many as 50 stitched suits for cricketers and top executives of  BCCI, to president Anurag Thakur via an email.

“The Indian team is in need of new sets of formal attire. The cost per set will be approximately Rs 2.5 lakh per suit. And we intend to order 50 sets. Request your go-ahead,” Johri wrote in an email.

However, Board legal counsel Abhinav Mukherjee rasied objection on the proposal by pointing out that as per the Indian Supreme Court’s order, the Indian cricket board is not permitted to enter into any new agreement without consulting the Justice Lodha Panel.

The committee, in its report, stated that the vendor should be appointed through a tender process. “Ideally, we should refer this to the committee,” Mukherjee wrote in his email as reported by the Indian press.

Though President BCCI Anurag Thakur did not back the idea of new suits, however he stressed that there remains no need for the board to consult the Lodha Panel.





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