Banners, posters of political parties removed in Rawalpindi, Karachi


RAWALPINDI: The district administration on Sunday started to remove banners and posters put up by political parties and election candidates and wrote letters to the local chapters of all parties to adopt the code of conduct issued by the election commission.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) issued a code of conduct on June 22 to set the size of portraits at 2×3, banners at 3×9 feet, posters 18×23 inches and handbills should not be larger than 6×9 inches. There is also a ban on the use of panflex banners and posters as well as wall chalking.

On the instructions of Deputy Commissioner Dr Umer Jehangir, who is also the officer appointed by ECP to monitor elections, the assistant commissioner visited the main roads of the city and issued strict orders that all oversized political signboards, banners and posters be removed.

The administration warned candidates that a report of the violations will be sent to the ECP. The operation will be conducted every day till the completion of the general elections and no relaxation will be given to anyone.

Talking to Dawn, Dr Jehangir said the code of conduct was issued two days ago after which the grand operation was started in the district.

“Banners, posters and billboards of PML-N and PTI are still up in many places while PPP banners and those of others have been removed in some areas,” PPP Rawalpindi chapter spokesperson Nasir Mir told Dawn.

Former PML-N MNA Malik Shakil Awan said his party is implementing elections rules and that others are spending more money on posters and banners because they are not known to locals. PTI City President Ijaz Khan Jazi said the party did not violate the law and that the administration should also remove PML-N posters.


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