Bangladesh Hangs 1971 Accused ‘Mollah’


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Till the 15th of December 1971 there was no Bangladesh but only East and West Pakistan. Just like in the framework of the present time, the integrity, self-respect and self-identity of Bangladesh and the Bangladeshi people is primary not only to Pakistan and its people but to the entire community of nations, so was the integrity of Pakistan primary to its people at the time when India was interpositioning its interests between the internal misunderstandings of a country.

It would be the same if Pakistan would enter its armies in India to liberate the Sikhs and help them create Khalistan, how would India deem such an act, would they call it Liberation of Khalistan from its own oppressive reign? Yes, in today’s scenario, we as Pakistan respect and defend the identity of our brother nation Bangladesh, but to submit to the theory that West Pakistan was so discriminative of its brother other, that it resorted to mass genocide, mass systematic genocidal rape and that allegedly the Pak Army’s 365,000 men could kill 30,00,000, which would mean an approximate of each man killing 8 others and commit one rape is preposterous; such are not features we see in the men of the Pak Army throughout its history, in any war they have been forced into nor with its people in West Pakistan.

But the issue of Abdul Qadir Mollah’s hanging present a graver matter then being apprehended in the general. This hanging reprimands our memory of how India, in a country made in the name of Islam, backed a secular party in 1971 and trained and armed an opposition force by the name of Mukti Bahini, which numbered around 100,OOO and which were spread all around the country. And that the same Awami League is in power today and perhaps aims to whip out the existence of Islam from the whole sphere of Bangladeshi politics, and complete the design of India on its side.

It is also an amazement for us that liberal camps on both sides of former Pakistan, who constantly accuse the government of Pakistan to have presented history to the people of Pakistan wrongly, in their excitement, badly fail to even match there figure when trying to smear the Pak Army with vile allegations. One of those figures is ‘365,000’ Pak Army men playing havoc in East Pakistan!

365,000 was the total number of armed personnel the Pak Army had in West and East Pakistan combined, with the bulk of the force in the Western side. It must be known that the Western borders of the subcontinent have historically been more vulnerable of foreign attacks and therefore always been more militarized then the eastern sides. The same situation prevailed after the creation of Pakistan, for which East Pakistan rightly had its fears and reservations from its West. John H. Gill in his book ‘An Atlas of the 1971 India – Pakistan War: The Creation of Bangladesh’, has made a scientific analysis of the forces of the two sides verses those of the Indian side, he says:

“At 365,000 men, the Pakistan Army was about half the size of its Indian counterpart, but was nonetheless a formidable force with two armored divisions, thirteen infantry divisions and three independent armored brigades with approximately 850 tanks and 800 guns… Three divisions were in East Pakistan, the original garrison (14 Division) having been joined in March/April by 9 and 16 Divisions (albeit minus much of their equipment).”



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  1. You pakis have killed millions in Bangladesh 1971
    You just use Islam for your misconduct
    Awami League is for freedom and for BD
    Awami League leaders are more religious than you donkey
    You have one tool . Just misuse Islam
    Bangladesh will never forgive you

    • @Nasir Oh Please! I take it your not a Bangladeshi or a Pakistani but a dirty rotten hindian! we have very cordial relations with Our brothers in Bangladesh what about the Bihari Bangladeshis that were killed by Mukti Bahani for simply being pro Pakistani. Many were killed in their thousands and blamed on Pakistan, the reality is coming out read the book “Blood and Tears” Kutub Din Aziz which is a first hand account of the mukti bahani atrocities.

  2. When Mujiburrahman won 167 of 300 seats in National Assembly, why the president did not call him to form the govt.? There is no point calling Bangladeshi now as your brother and invoke the name of Islam. In fact, Balochs are suffocating the same way today as people of Bangladesh did prior to 1971. This butcher of Mirpur should have been hanged long ago.

    • Why wasn’t he given the presidency? Ever heard of the Agartala conspiracy? You know the one sheikh haseena has admitted existed? And FYI the only Baluchis who want separation are brainwashed by the tyrannical sardars. Most Baluchis want to stay with pakistan

      • Agartla conspiracy was unearthed in 1967, Pakistan govt. withdrew the case in 1969, Elections happenned in 1970. What else you want me to know about the case? Such conspiracies keep happening worldwide and democracies can absorb such things. There has been bigger conspiracies to subvert the minds of kashmiris but any Indian of any religion from kashmir to kanyakumari or gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh can become India’s prime minister, if he or she has the number in parliament.
        And please take care of Baluchis. India does not want to see another break up of Pakistan. Long live Pakistan.

        • So what if it happened a few years prior? It happened and that’s enough reason to not let him take office later. The case was only dropped b/c the traitorous Kafir was unfortunately popular amongst Bengalis. Any other state would have hanged him or at the very least imprisoned him for life. You say that in india anyone can become a PM. Would someone who has been caught working for pakistan be allowed to take office as well? I think not.
          and don’t worry about the Baluchi brothers and sisters. As I said except for the few brainwashed ones, most love pakistan and don’t want to separate.
          If I were u I would worry about the Naxalites. Controlling 40% of indian territory is not a good sign. Unless you want to live in a communist state that is.

          but hey don’t mind me! you can keep continue to lick the feet of the enemy of Muslims. Just know that if you do so you’ve lost your islam and are no longer part of the muslim ummah. Good day.

          • Perhaps you need to know more about the Indian politics. Indian laws would debar a man for only 6 years if he is caught and punished doing something hanky panky but after that he can still be a Prime Minister if he gets the number. Mulayam Singh Yadav is one politician who talks of supporting Pakistan and even donating to Pakistan in its fight against terrorism and its economic development and his party won majority in India’s largest state Uttar Pradesh that has a population of 20 crores. His son is Chief Minister and he is aspiring to become Prime Minister in 2014.
            You have to come out of your ghetto mentality.
            Naxalism is indeed a growing menace but they live in dense forest and rule over the tribals. You will find it difficult to believe that a majority of Indians support their cause but not their means.
            And dont tell us about losing Islam and licking its enemies. We know you have been licking the feet of America for many years and continue doing to China which is an athiest nation despite knowing what it does to muslims in Uyghur. And what the Arab world has done to Palestinian muslims.

          • nice job dodging the real crux of the matter. i’m not talking about some politician who committed just any crime. i’m talking about one that went to pakistan and plotted to break apart india. in other words, one who has committed treason. would THEY be allowed to take office?

            “And dont tell us about losing Islam and licking its enemies. We know you have been licking the feet of America for many years and continue doing to China which is an athiest nation despite knowing what it does to muslims in Uyghur. And what the Arab world has done to Palestinian muslims.”

            are we talking about politicians or common people? unlike u indians, the common people of pakistan don’t like associating ourselves with our enemies. u sorely need to realize that in a scenario where it’s a muslim state vs nonmuslim state, even if the leaders of the muslim state are less than respectable u should support the muslim nation over the nonmuslim. u as muslims should not support the hindu india over muslim pakistan. understand dear?

  3. @Aneela

    Check the NYT report of 1971,
    “.. 563 women picked up by the (pak) army in March and April and held in military brothels are not being released because they are pregnant beyond the point at which abortions are possible.”

    Check the memo sent by YOUR OWN general Niazi to divisional commanders, on 15th April 1971..

    “Since my arrival, I have heard numerous reports of troops indulging in looting and arson, killing people at random and without reasons in areas cleared of the anti state elements; of late there have been reports of rape and even the West Pakistanis are not being spared; on 12 April two East Pakistani women were raped, and an attempt was made on two others”

    Dont try to paint your Army with a clean image. The Hindus were delibirately targeted by pro-pakistanis in the war. More than 60% of the refugees who came to India during the war were Hindus. And in a Hindu minority country, when the Hindu refugee count is itself 60% of the total count, then it means atleast 80% of the entire Hindu population of Bangladesh had to run away..

    This man was executed for crimes against humanity.. He deserves it..

    • Who says there weren’t rapes? But you’re an idiot for trying to make it seem as if it was only Pakistani soldiers who did it or that they did as much as you claim.

  4. A Hindu! rape is Hindu thing, not Muslim, and so is lying, can you admit you lie about 365000 Pak Army in East Pakistan, when it was really not more than 40,000 ??

    • not more than 40000?

      Did you forget you released a Rs. 1.25 stamp before the simla act with 90000 on it saying “challenge to the world conscience”? What is your age kid? Ask your dad how many of those stamps he bought.

      Which part of my comment was a lie? No Indian newspaper ever quoted saying 365000 during 1971. But it is a fact that 90000 Pak PoW’s existed. I will give you the breakup.

      Army – 54154
      Navy – 1381
      Airforce – 833
      Paramilitary – 22000 approx.
      Civilian personnal – 12000 approx.
      The total was 90368

      Again. You are more than welcome to check the numbers I gave. It is this mammoth number which forced you to recognize the state of bangladesh and made you come to the negotiating table.

      • lol 90000? You Indians are out of your minds. It was 23000 career soldiers and 11000 civil police. Coming up with idiotic numbers seems to be a Hindu thing. But then again u can’t expect an indian to use credible sources.

        • The source is ICJ report of 1972. I hope you are not calling ICJ a media outlet.

          Or if you are too patriotic to go outside pakistan for your sources, then why dont you check the leaked portions of Hamoodur Rahman Commission report? Dawn had this published in 2001.

          • where in the hamoodur report does it give the number of pows and the breakdown of division? the final report doesn’t mention this.

            the ICJ? you and the ICJ have 2 totally different figures. they say 92000 pows AND civilians. notice it’s not even 93000 total which would have been the figure given if there were 93068 prisoners. clearly one of you is hiding the truth.

  5. @Aneela

    You mention in your article that, “Pakistan respect and defend the identity of our brother nation Bangladesh”..

    Perhaps you missed a chapter in history, when you were actually forced to recognize the nation of bangladesh on account of the Simla act to free over 90000 Pak PoW’s and this included more than 54000 army personnal alone. You even released a Rs. 1.25 stamp for the sake of the PoW’s after your surrender to Indian forces.

    Dont try to emphasize on a love which you never had for the bengalis. You were always the so called superior Indus race werent you?? Your country downplayed everything from the massive anti-urdu procession starting in feb 1951, all the way to the 1971 elections. So dont blame the Indians for your loss. You were sitting duck in the war and obviosuly it was an easy take for the Indian army. Check the leaked portions of Hamoodur Rahman Commission report and you will probably come to know, how did you actually loose the battle and that might also give an insight on why that report is never officially out.

  6. once A Hindu, always a Hindu,

    PoWs are our pride, and so is our lost brother, still united with us in faith, India has always flooded media with its false rhetoric and backed secular forces, don’t tell us who we love or not, yourself being a nation of rapists and rebels.

    • Nothing can save you from your prejudiced mindset. When i cite sources for my comments, all you do is speak rubbish. Is the truth so hard for you to digest?

      I do not understand why ‘Mollah’ gets respected and loved by the likes of you, including PKKH. Perhaps you are no different from him and the one thing you liked about ‘Mollah’ could be the fact he killed and raped so many Hindus.

      Bangladesh has done the right thing in executing a man responsible for crimes against humanity. And may god help the soul of he who mourns for ‘Abdul Qadir Mollah’ the devil.

      • “When i cite my sources” lol u mean nut? We have more credible sources than that. Why do u ignore them huh? Get out of here. Your lies have already been exposed. You came here with the same old half-assed indian rhetoric of “90000” soldiers and “only pak army raped” and got exposed.

        • A Hindu has given the break up of PoWs above. google it and you will find innumerable articles supporting the number of PoWs. We wonder why you guys live in denial. does it make you feel good?? Its history now, dont subvert the facts.
          Pls go thru the article below and tell us if Hindus from India went to Pakistan to rape all these women or they were raped by their own Pakistani muslims?

          • Yeah and what are the sources? The indian media? I suppose lying is like alcohol to Indians. They don’t want to admit the truth so they become drunk on lies instead. I made a mistake above. The number was around 45000, 11000 of which were civil police and paramilitary forces. India inflated the numbers with civilans and you idiotic and brainwashed Indians fell for it as you always do . Now compare this to the fact that the terrorist mukti bahini combined with terrorist indian soldiers outnumbered the Pakistani side plus the fact that pakistan could no longer help its forces due to india being in between and you get a whole different picture.

            And once again it’s a shame seeing a so-called “muslim” lying. And lying for what? to protect the enemy of Muslims. Absolutely disgraceful.

  7. Please know, there are as many or perhaps more muslims in India than the whole of Pakistan and there are no enemy of muslims. There are miniscule fanatics in all religions and they are ignored by their own communities.
    Suppose your number was 45000 still thats a huge number to surrender. In India, muslims are taught to surrender only before Allah and no one else. Indian soldiers would have rather died than surrender to enemies and live in disgrace.

    • so what if there are more muslims? why do u indians always tell us that as if it settles anything?
      the 45000 is total amount of soldiers in beginning. and compared to 80000+ mukti bahini plus indian army plus not being able to replenish supplies, it’s not that amazing at all that they surrendered.

      ” In India, muslims are taught to surrender only before Allah and no one else. Indian soldiers would have rather died than surrender to enemies and live in disgrace.”

      *rolls eyes* i guess all those indian pows over the years must be living in disgrace then. “rather die than surrender” indeed!

      • Mizo leader Mr. Laldenga lead a separatist Armed rebellion against India for many years as he wanted Mizoram as a free country, free from India. After many decades he surrendered arms and signed a treaty with Indian govt. He fought elections and became Chief Minister of Mizoram. India could have hanged him or jailed him for life for pursuing armed rebellion that killed many civilians and armed personnel.

        People different from Govt. can only be thought of in non democratic nations like yours. India being a democracy represents people’s will.

        The attitude that a muslim should support another muslim against his own nation is deplorable and it brings disrespect to muslims. Do you know that during Mumbai Terrorists attack on 26.11.2008 by Pakistani “muslims”, almost 50% of the deads were muslims?

        • great! at least we’re getting closer! now let’s see if you can take this one step further. in a “democracy” like yours will someone, who is actively conspiring with pakistan of all states to break apart india, be set free and be allowed to become PM? lets say for the sake of argument modi somehow turns out to be a pakistani agent that has plotted to secede gujarat to an independent state. will he be allowed to take office if he wins?

          “The attitude that a muslim should support another muslim against his own nation is deplorable and it brings disrespect to muslims….”

          i suggest you worry less about what others think and instead worry about what Allah (Swt) thinks. understand this and understand it well: ISLAM TRUMPS NATIONALISM! PERIOD!
          and as for your little tidbit about the 26/11 false-flag attacks, other than ironically poking yet another hole in the official indian narrative, i don’t see how that negates what i said. islam trumps nationalism.

          • Whatever be the assumption, any indian citizen who wins an election with majority, can become prime minister. Thats our constitution, thats our system. Sonia Gandhi, an italian christian woman who later acquired indian citizenship, was set to become PM when she decided against it. If people want a secessionist as PM, let him be, thats democracy. You still could not hold your eastern territory by denying Mujib the power. Probably, if he had become the PM of Pakistan, it would have been impossible to break it into two.

            Islam could not keep India united, understood, but Islam could not even keep Pakistan united, it blows my mind. If Islam trumps nationalism then what stops you from supporting Uyghur muslims? Why the entire muslim world cant do a thing to Israel? Why 18 crore Indian muslims denied a berth in OIC? If national boundaries mean nothing to you why do you bother so much for Kashmir? Let muslims live wherever, they will support other muslims.

          • your example fits 100% on Laldenga of Mizoram. Not sure if he took help from Pakistan but he ran his army sitting abroad. Thing is you cant appreciate democracy.

          • how may times do i have to say this? WOW…if a separatist wanted to become PM of india WILL IT HAPPEN? no absolutly not. you’re still spouting of crap about democracy this and democracy that. how blind can you be?

            since your intellect cannot handle basic thought processes let me make it clear. islam trumps nationalism means that islam is MORE IMPORTANT than nationalism. if you give the lattr more importance of course there will be disunity.

            who says no one supports ughur muslims? plenty of muslims including me (but obviously not you) support them. entire muslim world can’t do a thing to israel? i dunno. ask the leaders why they don’t have the backbone to do anything.
            india not being allowed in the OIC has no relation to pakistani support for muslims. and what do you mean “why do you bother so much for kashmir”? why shouldn’t we?

            “Let muslims live wherever, they will support other muslims.”

            did i say that all indian muslims should move out of india? or that muslims should live in only muslim countries? try again.

            your half-assed arguments are pathetic.

        • no, what you mean is that no indian GENERAL has signed a surrender document. how else do you think indian soldiers are captured during battle? they surrender…

          • When a soldier is surrounded by enemies and he has finished his ammunition, what can he do… he is either killed or captured… that is not surrender.

          • When a soldier is surrounded by enemies and his ammunitions are finished… what can he do… he will either be killed or captured alive. being captured is not surrender. I would never say the Pak soldiers captured during 1965 war or on india’s western front in 1971, had surrendered.

        • you really don’t know how soldiers surrender do you? some might have run out of ammunition but not others. surrender is when there is no way for you win and so you lay down your arms instead protracting the conflict.

  8. @321

    My sources are Newyork Times, Washington Post, 1972 report by International Court of Justice and leaked portions of Hamoodur Rahman Commission report published on 2001. FYI, the stamp was released by YOUR OWN POSTAL DEPARTMENT.

    If you deny all these and try to call them all Indian media, then you are probably a martian.

    And wat are your sources? Name your source which says 45000. Name a source outside your country which arrived at precisely the same number and the breakup please.

    You are just filled with Anti-Hindu and Anti-India mindset. With all this hatred, how do you live with yourself?

    • where is the hamoodur report that gives the figures? wherever i have searched there is no figures on the number of prisoners nor mention of the total number.

      and also the ICJ report was from 1973 not 1972. where is the ICJ report that says that 90000 pows were soldiers? the one i read says “92,000 Pakistani Prisoners of War AND (my emphasis) civilian internees.” notice that it says 92000 total whereas you say 93000 soldiers. it doesn’t even give a round figure of 93000 total if there were 93068 prisoners. and it gives no figures so once again, i don’t know where you got them.

      that pow stamp? yes there were 90000 prisoners. no one has ever denied. the problem is how many of them were soldiers.

      so either you or the ICJ has got some explaining to do beause your numbers don’t match up. oops!

    • 1947:
      half of kashmir taken

      india thrown back over the border

      surrendered after fighting against overwhelming odds

      indians got their butts kicked until foreign pressure made us retreat.

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