Bahria Town’s Theme Park Under Construction Pictures Will Leave You Amazed


Bahria Town Karachi continues to amaze with adding new attractions for the citizens of Karachi. Just recently they unveiled the largest dancing fountain of South Asia at the hub of Bahria Town Karachi.

Now the authorities of Bahria Town are focusing on their biggest attraction project yet, an international standard theme park which is set to be Pakistan’s biggest amusement park. The theme park is being built according to international standards and will follow the design of famed theme parks around the world.

The theme park ‘Bahria Adventura’ is being brought to life with the help of Italian architecture, it will have many different rides including a roller coaster, great Ferris wheel, train ride, fall in zero gravity, water rides and additional facilities like a grand castle, night time events, and a circus.

Although Adventura is far from going live anytime soon, Bahria Town has just released under construction photos of the park which are will get you excited for what’s to come.

The Bahria Town Adventura theme park is definitely looking, unlike anything we have seen in Pakistan. We are excitedly waiting for the park to complete.





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