Azerbaijan endorses Pak stance on Kashmir: envoy


ISLAMABAD: Azerbaijan’s envoy to Pakistan, Khazar Farhadov has emphasized his nation’s help for Pakistan’s position on Kashmir issue and requested that the issue ought to be settled as per the significant United Nations Security Council (UNSC) goals.

The envoy said thanks to Pakistan for remaining with his country on the Karabakh question and promised that his country would consistently recall genuine companions. The consulate praised the principal commemoration of the 44 days devoted conflict against Armenia that brought about the freedom of involved Karabakh and different domains, which stayed under occupation for almost thirty years.

The emissary said Armenia involved practically 20% of his country’s region for a considerable length of time, and during this period it carried out atrocities, just as wrongdoings against mankind.

Envoy Khazar Farhadov reminded that during the Patriotic War, the public authority, parliament and individuals of Pakistan ethically and politically upheld Azerbaijan, censuring Armenian animosity and supporting Azerbaijan’s simply position to reestablish its regional uprightness.

He added that his nation likewise upheld Pakistan on the Kashmir question, which ought to be settled as per the applicable UNSC goals. Prior in a photograph display, Ambassador Khazar Farhadov informed media about the sorry territory of Azerbaijan’s domains during occupation.

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