Ayesha Farooq; Combat Ready


Ayesha Farooq Fighter Pilot

Pakistan’s global territorial importance has already forced it on the war front. Pakistan has been under the attack of stereotypical thinking and critics for decades now.

Under these dire times, Pakistan has only continued to strengthen by the day. Ayesha Farooq has made her mark in the global news, as she is one of the 19 women who have become pilots in the Pakistan Air Force over the last decade. Her achievement speaks out against all the allegations connected to Pakistani women as being backward, and her scarf is a visible denial to the tag of oppression tied to the Hijab. She flies one of the most physically as well as mentally demanding machines man has made in the 21st century.

“I don’t feel any different. We do the same activities, the same precision bombing,” said Ayesha Farooq.

In a country like Pakistan, particularly consisting of tribal areas, the women have social and family pressures that stop them from being combat ready, though they remain flying slower aircrafts: “In our society, most girls don’t even think about doing such things as flying an aircraft,” she said.

But Ayesha Farooq is an achiever. She is the silver lining in our society and she has gone a step beyond, which has had a huge impact in giving courage and motivation to a lot of Pakistani women in all fields. Locals have acknowledged her achievement and are proud about it. Due to young women like Ayesha Farooq, the trends of women joining Pak-Air force have increased, as now, there are 316 women in the air force, compared to around 100 five years ago.

“More and more ladies are joining now,” said Nasim Abbas, Wing Commander of Squadron 20, made up of 25 pilots, including Farooq, who fly Chinese-made F-7PG fighter jets.

A great leap forward; we congratulate and extend our blessings to Ayesha Farooq for her achievement as a combat ready pilot. We expect her to stand as a role model for our daughters and sisters, that a good Muslim woman can achieve heights that are actually demanding, individually and culturally.

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