Avoidance For Prosperity: Recalling Pindi Massacre


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A doleful incident occurred on Friday, the 15th of November 2013, in Rawalpindi, when two sectarian groups clashed near Fawara Chowk on the day of Ashura (the tenth of Muharram). These clashes resulted in the imposition of curfew in the city for a whole week, leaving at least 11 people dead, a hundred injured, and a market incinerated.

The mainstream media failed to report the exact situation of the city. Deceitful rumored comments started sprouting, resulting in further pandemonium. Some people were blaming the groups allegedly responsible, some resorted to criticize government, while some were busy in insulting media.

There are different facets of this situation; you will see what you want to.

Instead of delving in the particulars of groups involved in this horrific miscreance, I would like to stay aloof of it. Usually, the reporters of various news agencies clamors frantically to report the happenings of these terrorist acts; it is really surprising that none of the channels were given access to the curfew area, so that the correct information could have been imparted to the masses!

The term ‘Sects’ connotes distinctions: the present Islamic world is divided into various distinct school of thoughts. But, the recurring intermittent clashes are destroying harmony and bringing bad name to Islam. Islam is the religion which teaches the lesson of peace, love, harmony, brotherhood and unity. Islam also lays emphasis on its believers, to guard, and to respect the non believers as well.

But unfortunately, the Muslims are too blind to act upon it.

Are the Pakistani Muslims so mentally disoriented that any third party can easily mislead them and break them into pieces?

What is our responsibility towards our country, and the world at large?
What should we do in troublesome situations?
How can we protect Pakistan from further damage?

‘Peace’ is the only answer.

The Almighty has given brains to human being, which is the most modernized computer of all times. We should train our minds to stay calm at such flared up situations, because the rapid reaction is always harmful. Rather than competing with one another, we should unite for what’s common in us, in our faiths. Let’s set a precedent for others to follow that Pakistan can prosper peacefully in the time to come.

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