#AuratMarch2018 opens dialogue on inclusivity, gender in Karachi


KARACHI: A girl is stepping out of a rickshaw, gathering her dupatta and flipping through a couple or more Rs. 50 notes for the fare.

Another is already inside the Frere Hall’s premises, walking to where the festive sound is coming from, confidence emanating from each successful stride she takes.

Some 100 yards from the main stage, a third one is adjusting the placard she has brought to the event.

Such was the view of Karachi’s Frere Hall on the International Women’s Day when a group — collectively calling themselves ‘Hum Aurtein‘ — held the country’s first-ever organised march for women.

But the most thrilling factor, one that was pumping excitement into every guest’ veins, was the music. It was loud, seemingly omnipresent, and extremely relatable since it was purely traditional Pakistani tunes.

Women of all ages and from every social class and background were swarming the gardens, with their male allies proudly there to support them.

Dalit women like Radha Bheel representing the minorities, Kainat Soomro for rape survivors, and Veero Kohli for bonded labour took to the stage one by one, speaking about their lives, goals, ordeals, and dreams.

They talked about how almost everything in the world is skewed because it was created and shaped through the masculine point of view. They discussed how such matters can be taken up and dealt with. And they sang… about togetherness, about pain, about future, about everything.

We believe the pictures captured at the event will do justice for the remainder of this story.


Preparing to move…

Taking the world by storm

The world watches in shock!

Witty posters that hit the mark quite perfectly


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