Attempt on Imran Khan’s life shocks nation


LAHORE: In what appeared to be an assassination attempt, former high minister Imran Khan was shot at and injured on Thursday evening when a suspect, standing in front of the vessel carrying the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf(PTI) principal and elderly party leaders, poured a blitz of pellets with an automatic dynamo when the party’s ‘Haqaaqi Azadi’ march reached Wazirabad’s Allahwala Chowk.

It latterly occurred that a PTI supporter, linked as Muazzam Nawaz, had lost his life, while 14 party leaders and workers, including Senator Faisal Javed Khan, MNA Ahmad Nasir Chattha and Omer Mayar, were among the injured.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan, who sustained multiple pellet injuries in his leg, was reported to be stable and shifted to Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital in Lahore. Other injured were shifted to original hospitals for immediate treatment. Mr Khan was operated upon and bullets removed from his ham and thigh.

latterly after his operation at Shaukat Khanum, the PTI president said he was fine and expressed the resoluteness that the long march would continue and reach Islamabad. “ I’ll not bow down, but stay determined to bring Haq­eeqi Azadi for my fellow Pakistanis, ” PTI sanctioned media quoted him as saying, adding the march would renew from Wazirabad at 11 am on Friday( moment).

The PTI had proceeded its long march from Wazirabad on Thursday autumn on the seventh day of the movement and was reportedly targeted at around 415 pm. The march was suspended for the day on the instructions of the injured party president.

substantiations claimed the suspected bushwhacker fired an entire round of the pellet magazine and was trying to load a alternate when a PTI supporter, Ibtisam, incontinently overpowered him from before. The suspect was latterly arrested and taken to a original police station.

The attack, being supposed “targeted”, touched off wide commination from across the political peak.

‘Planned assassination’

PTI elderly leader Fawad Chaudhry contended it was “a planned assassination attempt on Imran Khan and he escaped hardly ”, claiming an automatic armament was used.

Mr Chaudhry twittered “It was a well- planned assassination attempt on Imran Khan. The homicide planned to kill Imran Khan and leadership of PTI. It wasn’t 9MM, it was a burst from automatic armament. No two opinions that it was narrow escape.”

From atop the commanding vessel in the long march, a largely charged Chaudhry had incontinently after the incident called it an attack on Pakistan and its people, and asked the party workers and sympathizers across the country to seek vengeance.

“The bushwhacker had aimed at Imran Khan, but two march actors tasted peril and pushed the dynamo down that prevented a major disaster,” he stated.

PTI Punjab President Dr Yasmin Rashid also advised the establishment that “Imran Khan is our red line and now you have crossed the line”. She twittered “You can not discourage us. You can not! We’ll take you to task.”

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