At least 21 killed, several others hurt in Gaza Strip fire


GAZA: At least 21 people were killed and several others injured when a fire broke out in a structure where residers attended a party in the Gaza Strip, health and civil exigency officers said on Thursday.

It took firefighters further than an hour to get control of the massive dears that burst through the top bottom of a four- story domestic structure in the densely- peopled Jabalia exile camp in the northern Gaza Strip.

Ambulances rushed several injured people to original hospitals, and Israel, which together with Egypt maintains a leaguer on Gaza, said it would allow in those in need of medical treatment.

Gaza’s Interior Ministry said an original disquisition revealed that large quantities of gasoline had been stored at the point, fueling the blaze that snappily gulfed the structure.

Substantiations said they could hear screaming but couldn’t help those outside because of the intensity of the fire.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called it a public tragedy and said there would be a day of mourning.

Hussein Al- Sheikh, clerk- general of the administrative commission of the Palestine Liberation Organization(PLO), said in a statement that the Palestinian Authority prompted Israel to open the Erez crossing with Gaza to transport serious cases in order to treat them outside the enclave if necessary.

“The President gave instructions to give all forms of medical and other backing urgently,” Sheikh said on Twitter.

Tor Wennesland, the United Nations’ Middle East peace envoy expressed “sincere condolences” to the families of those who failed in the incident, in a post on Twitter.

Jabalia is one of eight exile camps in Gaza, home to 2.3 million people and one of the world’s most densely peopled areas.

Source: Reuters

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