As the weather begun to change, power shortfall increased by 3000MW


As the weather begun to change, power shortfall in the country increased 3000MW on Friday.

According to details, the demand for electricity has reached 13000MW against a production of 15,600MW.

In big cities, the load-shedding duration is 2-3 hours whereas the suburb areas are undergoing a power cut of 4-5 hours. The authorities say that water provision in Tarbela and Mangla will improve the supply of electricity.

Lesco needs 29000MW electricity but is being provided 26000MW from National Power Construction Company (NPCC).

Lesco authorities claim that load-shedding is not being carried out at 80% feeders.

Higher power generation has helped ease load shedding in many areas in recent months, but technical breakdowns in the past have boosted the frequency and length of blackouts, sparking anger during the blistering late summer months.




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