Arshad Sharif’s mother asks CJP to form high powered judicial commission to probe son’s killing


The mother of famed intelligencer and anchorperson Arshad Sharif has written a letter to the principal justice of Pakistan(CJP), calling for the conformation of a high- powered judicial commission to probe the murder of her son, The News reported.

Sharif was shot dead by the Kenyan police last month in a “incorrect identity” case while he was travelling to Nairobi.

In letter to the CJP, Riffat Ara Alvi requested that the case of her son’s brutal murder should be kept from getting controversial. Demanding justice for the taken intelligencer, his mama requested the top judge to take legal action in line with the law and appoint a high- powered judicial commission to end the feeling of instability among the family and the intelligencer community.

As per the letter, Alvi has sought addition of elderly judges of the Supreme Court in the judicial commission in order to determine the real motive behind the murder and identify the lawbreakers.
“Only by knowing the real motive and culprits and bringing them to justice would end the agony of Shaheed Arshad Sharif’s family and his intelligencer fraternity. else, I rest my case to Allah SWT staying for His justice”, the displeased mama said.

“I hope my letter receives due attention given the graveness of the case and isn’t ignored like my Shaheed son’s letter written to the authorities informing about pitfalls to his life,” the mama further said adding that this was her first and last letter, requesting for justice.

She also requested the CJP to take immediate notice of the peremptory government’s approach and station towards the brutal and merciless” assassination” of her son in Nairobi, Kenya, on 23rd October 2022 so that justice was handed to her, and his woman Somiya Arshad and his five orphaned children.

“We want justice and nothing differently,” the mama informed the CJP adding that her son Arshad Sharif during his life, wrote a letter to his honour on 12th July, 2022 to bring to his notice the pitfalls to his life and the multitudinous unwarranted felonious cases initiated across the country by the present government(multiple FIRs) against him on the grounds of sedition and other charges.

“On account of this, my Shaheed son was forced to leave the country on 10th August 2022 and had to take retreat in Dubai,” the displeased mama wrote adding that when he reached Dubai, she was happy and less upset as she allowed that the life of her only living son was out of peril and that he was safe from these false and frivolous cases of sedition.

She, still, contended that the Pakistani government dragooned and impelled the government of the UAE to expel her son. “Accordingly, my Shaheed son incontinently left for Kenya due to the easy visa- on- appearance policy and after two months, he was assassinated mercilessly in Nairobi,” the mama informed the Chief Justice.

She said that the real reasons for the case are being concealed, which must be brought to the spotlight, especially given the changing station of the Kenyan Police, who had altered their opinion at least four times.

She also said that well before Pakistan’s disquisition platoon left for Kenya on 28th October 2022, civil ministers started raising different fabricated stories about the death of her Shaheed son.
She also said that the high minister had blazoned that a letter will be written to Islamabad High Court to appoint a high- powered judicial commission, still, unfortunately, antithetical to his statement, one retired Justice Abdul Shakoor Piracha and two civil government officers have been made members of the commission, which indicates malafide intentions of the government.

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