Army to be Involved in Dialogue With TTP


TTP, Pakitan, Pakistan Army,ISLAMABAD: Showing his unwavering resolve to continue pursuing the peace process, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has agreed to the government committee’s proposal of getting the military authorities directly involved in the dialogue process under his own supervision.

Sources said that the government committee has recommended to the government that the prime minister should now get the military directly involved in the peace process with Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan acting as the focal person and the premierpersonally monitoring the whole process.

Following the prime minister’s nod, the government committee would now meet the Taliban committee and discuss the same proposal because without making the army and the TTP sit face to face, no real progress is expected.

Referring to the unilateral ceasefire announced by the TTP for the first time in the last many years, the government committee was of the view that the two committees had done what they were supposed to do.

For further progress in a tangible manner, the committee members recommended to the prime minister to get the military involved.However, they suggested that the prime minister should continue monitoring the process whereas the interior minister should act as the focal person. The engagement of the army in the peace process would be the crucial phase of the dialogue process.

The PM agreed to the committee’s proposal but wanted the two committees to continue till the engagement of the actual parties. The committees, which had played an extraordinary role in getting the ceasefire announced, are still considered crucial because they have to bring the two sides face to face.

The sources said that the prime minister remains determined to pursue the option of dialogue and believes that despite all sorts of challenges, this is the better option to focus on.Regarding the Monday’s terrorist attack in Islamabad, the committee members inquired from the prime minister and the interior minister, who was also present in the meeting. They were told that though the security and law enforcing agencies have yet to determine who was behind it, there was no hint about the involvement of the TTP.

However, the government expects from the TTP to condemn such terrorist acts.About Ahrarul Hind, which has claimed the responsibility, the security agencies do not know much. From where does it operate, who finances it, etc. are questions that remain unanswered.

Nawaz Sharif said in the meeting with the government committee that establishing peace and stability was the first priority of the government. He said efforts would be made at every level for the realisation of this objective.

Earlier‚ the government committee met in Islamabad to review the tragic incidents of Islamabad and Khyber Agency following the announcement of the ceasefire by the TTP. The committee declared that continuation of such incidents after the announcement of the ceasefire would harm the dialogue process.


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  1. How can you negotiate with foreigners inside Pakistan? Who have no agenda but terror, they have no ideological struggle they do not wage a war on foreign occupation in Afghanistan and only seek to kill Pakistanis.

    SWAT was India’s closest attempt to destroy Pakistan and that boat has sailed so now India is content with making as many Pakistanis bleed and die. Until stupid Pakistanis in power not recognise this parting gift from India as the Afghan war winds down, Pakistanis will not be safe for a long time. The government is incapable of stabilising the country and MUST listen to the military and intelligence and ask for every Pakistani in every major city to arm themselves and seek out these foreign funded terrorists be it Baloch, Khyber, Sindh or Punjab.

    In another post it was shown the number of Afghan soldiers killed.

    The number of Pakistani soldiers martyred is very close to Afghan soldiers killed.

    When is that fat stupid Punjabi in government going to call a spade a spade.

    Pakistan by every account is in war and risks becoming Syria UNLESS the terrorists are not killed.
    Time to arm citizens against these terrorists and support the military and police or risk more carnage.

    Afghanistan is at war but so is Pakistan when will STUPID politicians recognise the TTP is playing games and seeks no reconciliation and can only negotiate once they are broken.

    Break them first and then negotiate and if they do not desist remove them.

  2. One day TTP the next LJangvi and the next Punjabi Taliban the today Ahrarul Hind.

    What nonsense, Pakistan army and Intelligence has failed the nation – Pakistan is a den of snakes in fact Medusas head. The Head is Afghanistan’s corrupt Tajik/ Uzbek led government in the pocket of India.

    If America is sincere to Pakistan it must now hold joint operations to snuff these havens inside Afghanistan at the same time as destroying them in Pakistan.

    The route of all evil is India and spreads its venom inside Afghanistan & it is high time we grow a backbone our condemnation is just bare the Indian nefarious to the world not just behind closed doors to Cheating Indian emissaries or Ignorant ISAF commanders.

    Pakistan must follow the example of Turkey.

    I am all for diplomacy but this is not the time of diplomacy and the fat punjabi needs to put Pakistan, security first above ALL personal interests and agendas. Pakistanis are dying terrorists walk around freely with the blessing of the government and all this despicable fat punjabi can do is punish Musharraf.

    Musharraf made many wrongs but his rights outweigh his wrong after 911 he was in a bad place cornered and lost himself in Neocon flattery and lost Pakistan it’s sovereignty. The same sovereignty abused tenfold under Zardari and now Shareef.

    Now is not the time to be shallow Shareef now is the time to protect Pakistan

    Come the hour cometh the man, this can underpin your legacy as the man who secured Pakistan from its darkest hour and restored peace and sovereignty to the Pakistani people.

    Or forever be known as the a hole who continuously works agains a better Pakistan, a coward and a paper Tiger.

    Sort your own backyard and flowers will grow, do not attempt to look to grow flowers on another’s while walking through thorns barefoot and bleeding.

    For Pakistan.

    • Ali Ahmed ;

      Be brave enough to post with your Hindu name and you are the very atmoic particle of a wider game of deceit. What you Son of dirty Ganges guised as Ali is what you do on a larger scale. You can lie most of the time but not all the time, your wall of deceits will come tumbling down one day and the Banya will be found bare faced, naked unable to hide away from his crime.

      You like the HIndu nation are deceitful, propagandist and the real problem in this region.

      Pakistan’s threats are manufactured but ALLOWED to be created because of a very poor weak government inside Paksitan.

      This will not be the case always, Pakistan has NEVER supported terrorism but is a victim of terrorism from its Eastern neighbour.

      Pakistan supports the Kashmiri righteous liberation struggle and that is NOT terrorism but the right to self determination.

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