Apps for the holy month


Ramadan is the special holy month that muslims patiently wait for each year to improve their spirituality. During the holy month, family members get closer and people worship, fast, and pray with more joy. For all muslims, this holy month is different in every habit, act, and even in the terms that are used.

We have put together a list of mobile applications that you can download to your phone or mobile device to help you in observing your prayers and duties during the month.

Muslim Pro

This application have several special features that anyone could need while fasting, including information on prayer times, Isak and Iftar times, the Holy Quran with audio recitations, as well as phonetics and translations, and 99 names of Allah. For people in non-muslim countries, the application can help in finding the locations of halal restaurants and mosques nearby. It is available in English, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Urdu.

Ramadan Daily Dua and Hadith 

This application includes around thirty prayers, known as Dua, and authentic Hadiths. One prayer and Hadith are featured each day, in Arabic or English. The application also includes an email facility.

Dua in Quran

Around 51 Dua are available in this app, decided into groups such as Dua for the family, for forgiveness, or for mercy. The application provides English and Arabic versions of each Dua.

Ramadan Challenge

This application allows users to track their daily recitations, prayers, and days fasted. You can also track your progress compared with other users, and can use special group codes to have a local competition with other users in your area.

Ramadan Legacy 

This application records the users actions and experiences during Ramadan on their own Legacy Board, helping users fulfil their worship duties and learn more about muslims and Islam. The application allows users to contact other muslims and know more about their experience during the holy month. The application combines smart technology and beautiful design.

Ramadan Recipes

This application includes around fifty recipes, including good, healthy, easy, and quick dishes from a range of international cuisines, such as Kisra, Turkish Fish Stew, and Saleeg.




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