Apple is working on unique smart glasses that will connect to iPhone


To compete with the Google Glass, Apple is working on a set of smart glasses. According to some reports, the company wants to introduce smart glasses, which will connect wirelessly to the iPhone. This device will show all the information of the iPhone to the wearer.

Apple will possibly launch these smart glasses in 2018, and the analysts are saying that these glasses would be very similar to the Google Glass, which uses the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to understand the voice commands.

Apple is taking a keen interest in the Augmented Reality (AR) technology, the company’s CEO Tim Cook has hinted that Apple is working on AR and a great device will be unveiled very soon. Apple has a brilliant team working for the development of the AR devices, and the company is currently researching on the wearable products.

According to Apple, the AR technology is more beneficial than the Virtual Reality (VR) devices. As per the sources, Apple is in talks with the potential suppliers for the components like near-eye displays. Smart Glasses will be the first AR device from Apple, and the company is investing a lot in this technology.

Apple sees a great commercial opportunity in the AR, and the company hopes that its customers will be increased following the release of the smart glasses.

Recently, some enterprises have introduced their VR devices and people from all around the world are taking a keen interest in them, but Apple says that it has the plans for an even better technology, so we should wait to see if Apple’s smart glasses gain the attention of the tech lovers.

Last month, picture messaging service Snapchat also introduced wearable glasses called “Spectacles.” These coloured glasses allow the user to record the video of up to ten seconds.






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