Anti-terror laws to be extended for two years


ISLAMABAD: The Interior Ministry has decided to extend for two years the Anti-Terrorist Act and the Protection of Pakistan Act, the two laws that are meant to counter terrorism in the country.

The president endorsed these two laws on January 7, 2015. A summary for an extension of these two laws has been sent to the prime minister. A final approval in this regard will be sought from parliament.

Under the Protection of Pakistan Act, the Rangers, police and law enforcement institutions can shoot terror suspects, keep them in custody for 90 days and put suspect from a certain province on trial anywhere in the country.

Parliament has approved these two laws giving special powers to the Rangers, police and other law enforcers to achieve success in the war against terrorism. These laws were implemented for two years.

In the light of the National Action Plan (NAP), law enforcers have been active to counter terrorism in Karachi under these two laws. The Anti-Terrorism Act lapsed on June 15 and Protection of Pakistan Act is set to lapse on July 15.

Sources said that if parliament does not approve these laws, they will be enforced through a presidential ordinance.

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